Preview: Chef Matt Gordon talks about tonight's "Eat.Drink.Read" event

As Naomi">noted, tonight is the night for the San Diego Council on Literacy's">Eat.Drink.Read event down at the NTC Promenade. This year, local chefs will be preparing dishes inspired by their favorite books, and">Urban Solace's Matt Gordon was kind enough to give us a preview.

“I chose to go with a book that actually culinarily inspired me when I was reading it about nine or ten years ago. I don’t have a copy of it any more, and I couldn’t even remember the name of the book, but it had always resonated with me. I found it inspiring with regard to the whole movement for local and sustainable foods. I finally appealed to Facebook and Twitter, and someone came up with the name:">Secrets of the Tsil Café by Thomas Fox Averill.”

The novel tells the story of Weston Tito Hingler, a Kansas City boy born into the food business. His father hails from New Mexico and runs a restaurant that serves only foods indigenous to the pre-Columbian Western Hemisphere. His mother, meanwhile, hails from the Italian enclave of St. Louis known as the Hill and runs a catering company. As Wes grows up, he digs into his parents’ pasts, partly through their culinary heritage. Eventually, he opens a restaurant of his own.

“Here at Urban Solace, we don’t go pre-Columbian, but we do try to use local stuff, so I thought the idea of learning about the foods native to the area was really neat. I created a dish inspired by a lot of the ingredients talked about in the book. I’m doing a turkey confit with mole sauce and a corn cake, all things indigenous to the Southwest and the Americas prior to the European expansion.”">Matt Gordon of Urban Solace by">Paul M Bowers


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