Night'n Day Takes Back the Nite

Great news for homecoming Westpac sailors, and the rest of us: The Night & Day Café (847 Orange Avenue, Coronado) is back open 24/7. For a while it was only always open Thursday thru the weekends. I can see they’ve totally redecorated, but kept the J-shaped sit-up counter. Terry Jones the cook says that just happened a few weeks ago.

But the place is a legend. Until a couple of years ago it had never closed its door since 1927. This was where sailors heading back from WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East always dreamed of coming home to, sitting up to the counter (okay, after a few hours at Danny’s bar a block away), and ordering a big messy burger.

That’s what I’m into right now. Sitting at a table outside, yes outside. That’s new. I’ve got the bacon cheeseburger ($7) Carla’s demolishing what she calls the tenderest, yummiest steak sandwich she can remember. It’s the “7-ounce New York steak sandwich” ($13.50).

So yeah, not the cheapest place on the planet. But guess they’re charging for staying open all through the wee small hours.

Pictured: The cafe, Terry, Carla's steak sandwich.

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