More Siamese Street Food, from Saffron

Thailand's reputation for great food stems largely from its super-scrumptious street food. The whole country bathes in those tempting aromas wafting from every back street, alley, wat courtyard, etc. No wonder they're such passionate eaters!

Street Food comes back to Saffron (at the north end of India Street in Mission Hills) starting in June and running at regular intervals through the summer.

On Saturday, June 4 from 12pm to 3pm, and continuing monthly through the summer, Saffron will treat customers to San Diego’s very own “Talad Nut”, or street market, featuring authentic street foods made to order, just like they are on the streets of Bangkok. Held monthly on the restaurant’s front patio, the Talad Nut markets offer customers an ever-changing menu of such traditional street foods as Homemade Spicy Lao Chicken Sausage and Kanom Jean Sow Nam, which uses cool rice vermicelli as a canvas for a colorful mélange of fresh pineapple and coconut cream, shrimp, dried shrimp powder, crispy shallots and chilies. (Wow! That ingredients list yells, "This is real Thai!") ) Additional dishes will include numerous drinks and noodles, desserts such as Thai coconut macaroons and more, based on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The June 4 menu will include the following selections:

· Coconut macaroons – 3 for $2

· Ice-cold young coconut - $3.50

· Grilled local corn basted with palm sugar and fresh coconut cream - $3

· Homemade spicy Lao chicken sausage - $3.50 for two pieces (likely to be similar to the famous Issan sausages from just across the river, only made with chicken instead of pork.)

· Grilled skewers of spicy, sweet and sour chicken - $2 each

· Green papaya salad with sticky rice - $5

· Kanom Jean Sow Nam – Cool rice vermicelli dressed with fresh pineapple slices, shrimp, fresh coconut cream, dried shrimp powder, crispy shallot, fresh chilies - $6

Let's hope for a heat wave that day!


YUM! There'll be some green papaya sticky rice and a coconut with my name on it.

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