Surf's Up, On Broadway?

Drunken, Punkin’ Idiots, anyone?

Screamin’ Yee Haws?

Both of these are Nick Bone’s bands. He has the photos on the wall to prove it.

He's also serving tables here at this new downtown Hodad’s (945 Broadway, at 10th Avenue). The place is a kind of day job for musicians. It's good. They give it a punk arty atmosphere (see Tin Fork May 11)

“We’re all musicians working here,” Nick said last time. “It’s great. When one guy’s on tour, the others fill for him. The owners are cool with the flexi thing.”

What I like is they're also cool if you just wander in for a beer. Or a coffee. You don't have to eat. So if you're waiting for the bus outside (I do all the time), it's a refuge from the mean streets (OK. Not mean, but it's nicer inside).

Last time I came I had the Guido (pastrami) Burger ($6.50), named after Guy Fieri, the Food Network guy. He'd been to their OB HQ.

Kinda regretted the choice, though. It was fine, but piles of pastrami ain't really my thing. Swore I'd be back for the Blue Jay (a $7 bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions and blue cheese) that my neighbors were gouging into. I'll let you know.

Meantime I still kinda marvel at their guts in starting up in this location. But Brooks, the grandson of the original Hodad's, says look at it from the other perspective.

"We're on the edge of East Village. Pretty soon that's going to expand and wrap its arms around us."

Besides, he likes being beyond the whole tourist machine of the Gaslamp. "People are real up here," he said.

So, for a limited time only folks, they’re this beautiful little island of cool. And, natch, us, the people who know about it, are the über-cool. You can’t buy that…


Greg and Sabrina, Hodad fans


From outside on 10th, you'd hardly know one of the great cultural institutions of this town was inside


Broadway frontage isn't much better...


But inside's a whole 'nother story

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