Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em at True North Tavern

I don't smoke...but I also don't judge. After all, sensual experiences brought on by hand-crafted products is something I'm all about. I know the enhancing effect the perfect beer, wine or spirit can have on food and vice versa. So, while I might not be able to tell you how a Coronado Double Corona will match up with or exquisitely contrast with the black cherry pork loin">True North Tavern is serving up at their cigar dinner on July 25, I'm certain there are some interesting pairings to explore there and feel it's my duty to let Cuban-loving readers know about an event like this, which, unlike most pairing dinners, is a lot less common.

The dinner will consist of four courses developed by North Park next-door neighbor">Urban Solace's executive chef Matt Gordon, who's matching nut-crusted brie, smoked chicken and a fig tartine against all that tobacco. Now, I'm only speculating, but I'd think that yardbird will pair up as nicely as it would with a smokey Casa Lapostolle Merlot or a bold red wine with hints of tobacco in the mid-palate. Perhaps readers who take in this dinner can hit me up and let me know post-event. Speaking of wine, the vino at this event will be unlimited and provided by Hacienda de las Rosas.

"Some cigars with citrus and floral tones might go better with a citrus vinaigrette salad than a tenderloin," says TNT manager Ralph Freeman. "The good news is we have it all at this dinner."

On the stogie front, diners will inhale from a list of 18 that includes Double Ligero Churchill Especial, Reserva Especial Belicoso, Litto Gomez "LG Diaz Series" and a special unreleased cigar crafted especially for this event. True North Tavern is located at 3815 30th Street and tickets for the event are $150 (and I thought beer dinners were steep).

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