Burrito Barato: Señor Mango's

In an effort to even further stretch the definition of “Burrito Barato,” this week’s installment focuses on Mexico’s answer to the sandwich – the torta.

Señor Mango's tortas ($4.75) come on a toasted telera roll with mayo, mustard, avocado tomato, lettuce, onion, and whole jalapeño peppers on the side.

Ham, turkey, and roast beef come with American cheese, but the vegetarian torta substitutes for fresh panela, a soft white Mexican cheese similar to fresh mozzarella.

Imagehttp://media.sdreader.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2011/Jul/20/mangostorta.jpg" />

Ideal for a mid-summer’s day refreshment, Señor Mango's offers smoothies ($2.95 small, $3.55 large), fresh juice, and licuados made with fruit, milk, ice cream, sugar, and ice, in addition to a variety of fruit medleys, acai bowls, and 1.5 ounce wheatgrass shots ($2.75).

Imagehttp://media.sdreader.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2011/Jul/20/mangosfruit.jpg" />

Preparing for partyzeit?

Trays of seven tortas go for $25.

BeHe - 4607 30th Street

Escondidio - 200 W. El Norte Parkway


biggest tortas for cheap! and great food salads too! yummmm. . . i found this place one day when i wanted a fruit salad for lunch. which ended up being a mid afternoon snack cause the torta was way too much!

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