Alchemy's New Street-Food Menu

http://www.sandiegoreader.com/places/alchemy/">Alchemy (1503 30th Street, 619.255.0616) has a brand new globally inspired menu from chef Ricardo Heredia, emphasizing (as always) organic and local ingredients.

This new menu highlights “street food” dishes from America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, and while it maintains several customer favorites — such as the seasonal squash blossoms, piquillo rellenos, and black garlic pad Thai — they have introduced new items such as beef lengua (tongue — yum!) tacos, jerk chicken, fried green tomatoes, and pirogies. Oh, and oysters! The “Standards” and “Garden Food” portion of the menu remain similar with a few additions, bulked up with neighborhood favorites.

In addition, chef Ricardo has introduced a new bar menu (featuring drink and food specials) as well as a delicioso Cuban-style suckling pig dinner (serving 8–10 people). Call for details about that.

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Profanity laced name calling is your response? And it gets removed by the administrator, so you go off board to make sure I see your immature profanity.

Are you 12 years old? Grow up.

Because a "human baby" is not a pig.

Seriously. You do understand the difference right? Right?

Stop imposing your imperious values on everyone else. Not everyone in this chaotic, violent world that we all inhabit have the luxury and means to consume food in a sterile, isolated, and prejudiced manner. Many people live at a subsistence level, and their culture and cuisines reflect that aspect of their lives.

It's just an article describing the availability of a Cuban style roast pig in a San Diego restaurant. How about you redirect your condemnation for Cuba, Cubans, and their cuisine?

Get a grip. Seriously.

"6.If I'm on the Reader site, it means I've hit rock bottom in terms of boredom. By Mindy1114 2:02 a.m., Jun 22, 2011"

Need some hobby suggestions?

Aw, shucks.....it's just that I care. ;>)

Well, the pig on the spit does look a little surprised.

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