Vegan Happy Hour at Veg-N-Out

People arrive at a vegan diet (that’s no meat, cheese, eggs, Jell-O, etc.) for a variety of reasons:

Environmental: Every vegan saves an acre of trees each year and an average of 2,400 animals in a lifetime.

Humanitarian: Corn, grain, and oats would feed people instead of livestock (660,000 slaughtered for food every hour in the U.S. alone).

Health: Weight loss, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, elevated energy, less risk of cancer, blah, blah, blah.

Street cred: My seitan is cooler than your Satan.

And so on.

While yours truly is a dedicated bacon and carne asada consumer, I’ve had plenty of amazing vegan meals with many a pink-o friend, and http://www.sandiegoreader.com/places/veg-n-out/">Veg-N-Out’s menu definitely takes the raw-cocoa soy-milk free-trade stevia-egg-substitute organic cake.

In a http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2010/sep/01/tin-fork-burgers/">September, 2010 Tin Fork, Reader food dude Ed Bedford described the North Park eatery as “a friendly little place, with mostly cream walls decorated with bamboo, rattan, and tiki carvings and Chinese fans, I guess to fit the Buddha-veggie-fruit image. A string of Buddhist-style flags — like the ones you see whipping in the wind outside Tibetan monasteries in National Geographic — give the Chinese characters for love, happiness, peace, wisdom, tranquility, courage.”

So check it out: every first and third Wednesday is vegan happy hour at Veg-N-Out.

Chill out to roots reggae from Dash Eye (http://tribeofkings.wordpress.com/">Tribe of Kings Sound System) and take half-off all vegan burgers and sandwiches.

That means $3.75 for burgers such as the “30th street classic”, the “rasta burger,” and the “tree hugger burger,” and $1.99 for sides including falafel, sweet potato chips, and organic Acai sorbet.

Fight the bovine holocaust, get irie, and try the tempura avocados.

Today, 4 to 7

Veg-N-Out, North Park, 3442 30th St.

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