Baja & Border News Translations: Increased Incidence of Lung Disease; Books Donated to Rosarito Libraries; Alamar Relocation Settlers Insist on Worthy Homesites; ISSSTECALI is Owed 400 Million Pesos

Increased Incidence of Lung Disease (EL MEXICANO, 1/30/13 by Hilario OCHOA MOVIS)

TIJUANA, BC - According to studies by the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER), the incidence of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has increased in Mexican women over 40 years of age, due to the use of firewood and charcoal stoves. A second risk factor is tobacco smoke, although lung disease is still more common to develop in males.

This study reported that 21% of 2,300 people surveyed with symptoms like phlegm or chronic cough in 27 cities of the Mexican Republic, had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and it is estimated that by 2020 it will be the third leading cause of death in the world.

In regard to the above, the State Secretary of Health, Doctor José Bustamante Moreno said the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) of the Ministry of Health receives on average 14,000 new outpatients every year of which 30% require hospitalization - a large percentage to treat the chronic lung disease.

Globally, 600 million people suffer from COPD and it is major utilization of health service resources in outpatient care and hospitalizations. It ranks 12th in physical disabilities and requires an expenditure of millions of dollars in disability payments. The average hospitalization stay for a patient is 12 to 14 days, which creates expenses for both the family and the public health institution because the treatment costs are high. The chances of overcoming a crisis are not always high.

Dr José Bustamante Moreno, Baja California Secretary of Health stated that the disease is characterized by generation of aggravated symptoms such as a cough, phlegm and respiratory failure, which are mainly caused by constant exposure to tobacco, wood, coal and automobile smoke. It is curable if detected in time, but it is important to go to the nearest public health unit at the first symptoms.

He mentioned that there are medicines at health institutions, in the case of general hospitals of Baja California that are covered by the Seguro Popular. There is no cure for this disease, however if detected and treated in a timely manner it can be controlled, obtaining a better prognosis and thus improving the patient’s quality of life.

If someone has any of the symptoms previously mentioned, they are encouraged to go to a health institution where they can complete a diagnostic study called a spirometry, which is a simple, non-invasive procedure that basically consists of blowing into a tube. In the case of positive results, the patient will be given medication-based treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs and inhaled bronchial dilators.

To prevent this disease, he called on the community to refrain from smoking, avoid being exposed to extended tobacco smoke, do not use wood or coal stoves and do not stay in places with a high concentration of smoke for too long. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/30/647849/aumenta-incidencia-de-enfermedad-pulmonar.aspx">http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/30/647849/aumenta-incidencia-de-enfermedad-pulmonar.aspx

Books Donated to Rosarito Libraries (EL MEXICANO, 1/30/13)

ROSARITO, BC - The Friends of the Library Civil Association made a donation of educational materials: paints, pencils, reams of paper, paints and 450 new books of different subjects such as science, mathematics and novels, among others, to enrich the cultural heritage of this town’s libraries.

The Municipal President Javier Robles Aguirre thanked the Friends of the Library chaired by Senor Allan Jonh Brown for their donation and for making some of the same donations for so long to municipal libraries. He was also thanked by the "Rosarito Reads" Reading Program carried out to encourage reading and values in children and adults in the community.

In addition, the Municipal Government and the Friends of the Library Civil Association coordinated on a project to repair the roof of the Primo Tapia Library. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/30/647965/donan-libros-para-rosarito.aspx">http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/30/647965/donan-libros-para-rosarito.aspx

Alamar Relocation Settlers Insist on Worthy Homesites (EL MEXICANO, 1/30/13 by Lucía GÓMEZ SÁNCHEZ)

TIJUANA, BC - Those people settled on the banks of Arroyo Alamar are not wedded to the site, but that they have made themselves available to their relocation from the area and want to be certain it will be to a decent place.

Ricardo Mendoza Madrigal, a representative of the Antorcha Campesina Agency in Baja California said several of the settlers in the Alamar Arroyo informed him of their needs. He anticipated that if things remain tense with reference to the relocation there will still be the manifestations of the group’s dissatisfaction that has propagated for several months at the Government Center of the current state administration.

They maintain the State Government suspended the relocation of the Alamar, but people still have hope of reaching an understanding and obtaining decent living places, which they have a right. The intention, they said is that past errors are corrected and not with abnormal situations such as was done in Rancho Ontiveros, where their transfer was made to an unworthy site and without indispensable requirements, he noted.

He noted that they will not accept living outdoors and request material for the foundation of homes for each one of the relocated families and that each is equipped with basic services such as water and electricity. There was a statement regarding any work carried out at the sites, shall be for the benefit of citizens and they shall not prevented from continuing to insist on decent relocation, he concluded. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/30/647962/insisten-en-reubicacion-digna-de-los-asentados-del-alamar.aspx">http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/30/647962/insisten-en-reubicacion-digna-de-los-asentados-del-alamar.aspx

ISSSTECALI is Owed 400 Million Pesos (EL MEXICANO, 1/30/13 by Victor Islas PARRA)

Mexicali, BC - Dependencies of the Government of the State and four of the five municipalities owe the ISSSTECALI 400 million pesos ($31.4 million US), which affects provisions for medical service employees, said Ricardo Medina Fierro, State General Secretary of the worker trade union.

The services provided by the Institute are at risk due to the systematic pattern of abuse that has been incurred by authority in withholding payments owed to workers or not provided to the medical institution, added the leader of the bureaucracy in the entity.

He said that it is no good that mayors or the heads of the various units of the State do not recognize it is illegal to charge employees for items destined for the maintenance and operation of medical services. "That we know", stressed the leader of State and municipal workers.

Ricardo Medina unveiled they are also "jockeying" money granted to workers through a concept of loans granted to ISSSTECALI, even by financial companies like Fonacot. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/30/647956/ya-son-400-millones-los-que-adeudan-al-issstecali.aspx">http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/30/647956/ya-son-400-millones-los-que-adeudan-al-issstecali.aspx


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