Baja & Border News Translations: Domestic Incident leads to Husband’s Marijuana Arrest; Free Education Offered to Addicts

Domestic Incident leads to Husband’s Marijuana Arrest (El Vigia, 1/23 by Luis Miguel Ramirez)

Ensenada, BC - What started as a report of a domestic dispute ended in the detention of the couple in possession of four bags with marijuana, two plants of the same drug, three pipes and a masher of grass. According to the Municipal police and Undersecretary of the corresponding authorities, the identity of those detained are Cesar Gregorio Peralta Murillo, 33, and Guadalupe Estrella Barrios, 22.

It was at 10:00 hours, when through the Center of Control, Command, Communication and Computation (C-4), a report of a fight occurred and one person was apparently injured at a residence located at Calles Axayácatl and Zokolow in Colonia Lázaro Cárdenas II.

Immediately, elements of the Unit of Intrafamilial Violence (UVI) arrived who met with the residents and noticed the male was bleeding from his left arm. According to the injured man, he had an argument with his wife, who took scissors and cut him, so he asked her to leave their home.

She rushed the officers while they were trying to talk with her. The woman told the soldiers that she would not run away and that her husband had drugs there. For that reason police support was requested and the site was then also attended by elements from the northern police station.

After talking with the man, he handed over a box containing four transparent plastic packages apparently with marijuana, as well as 3 pipes for smoking the herb and a masher probably used to finally make cigarettes. In a clear plastic tub they found planted two plants about 45 centimeters in height of the same drug which was also confiscated.

As a result, both individuals were arrested and transferred to the Judge Qualifier, who determined to send them to an agent of Common Immunity and the Federal Public Ministry. César Gregory refused to receive any medical attention.

Free Education Offered to Addicts (El Vigia, 1/23/13)

Ensenada, BC - Educational and municipal authorities held a meeting to refine details of a pilot program that will provide basic training to inmates at rehabilitation centers. Atención Ciudadana head, Gabriel Martínez Guevara, pointed out that representatives of the National Institute for Education of Adults (INEA) at the Training Centre for Industrial Work No. 83 (Cecati) participated in the meeting with the Directorate for Education and Culture, as well as members of the Center's Rehabilitation TRAD.

"The agreement to implement a pilot program was made to provide free education at rehabilitation centers for teens. This center is for underage girls,” he emphasized. The municipal official stressed that the agreement was established for both institutions, to support their basic education, so beneficiaries can obtain certifications in an educational level that want to pursue. He added that when the student achieves the certification of a degree or grade level, the Cecati will add and provide more courses offered by the institution.

Gabriel Martínez said that one of the main causes preventing people in the addiction recovery process from continuing their studies, is a lack of documents, so the 20th Town Hall will also provide facilities for managing birth certificates. " Atención Ciudadana will also manage those in recovery and assist them in obtaining birth certificates so they can eventually obtain certificates of studies", he concluded.

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