Baja & Border News Translations: Uniform Vouchers Delivered to Students; First Workshop for Children with Autism

Uniform Vouchers Delivered to Students (El Sol de Tijuana, 1/22/13 by Adam Mondragon)

Tijuana, BC - The local legislator Laurencio Dado Alatorre delivered 200 vouchers for uniforms to elementary school students and announced that next weekend there will be similar vouchers for sports equipment. In December of last year students who requested school support were left without so that is why he had the event today to deliver the uniform coupons, he referred.

In an interview, Laurencio Dado indicated that such a delivery benefits families of students who need them. "We want to benefit the most vulnerable groups in our city. Next weekend we are going to organize a similar event to deliver sports items so young people can maintain an impetus to play sports as that integral development is required”, he added.

Also the President of the Commission for Social Development of the 20th Legislature noted that delivery of such support is for the benefit of those who require it most without any political or religious motives. "We want to help the largest number of people, especially those who have more shortcomings, because we are promoting education and sports so that children and youth do not become lost", he said.

To conclude, the local legislator of the PRI called citizens to seek support from local lawmakers to improve their living conditions. They can do so in any of the ways they need attention.

First Workshop for Children with Autism (El Sol de Tijuana, 1/22/13)

Playas de Rosarito, BC - The System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) announced that there will be a first workshop of arts for children with autism this week. The President of the Patronato Municipal DIF, Karla López de Robles, said that this activity will take place in coordinated steps. "There has not been enough support for children with this disability, therefore this activity is a way to start working with this sector and depending on the results we will focus on providing more activities addressed for them", she explained.

The first art workshop for children with autism, be held on Thursday, January 24 at 11:00 at Tonatzin Community Center and will be completely free. "We hope the mothers of children with autism will attend this activity which is directed at minors in order to develop their skills and hope for their success", she explained.

Each month the DIF Rosarito will carrying out a different workshop aimed at minors with disabilities, "Steps shall be taken to contribute materials so it is only necessary that the children come, have fun and learn".

Pasitos AC is a leading institution at a national level in caring for people with autism and special needs. Autism is an alteration of development and is currently the third most common in childhood disabilities. It appears during the first three years of life and can severely affect social development, language, imagination, behavior and family life. The most recent statistics of the American Association of Autism (ASA) revealed it occurs in 1 in 150 births and is 4 times more common in the boys than in girls.

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