Baja & Border News Translations: Youth Disapprove Statements of Secretary of Economic Development

Youth Disapprove Statements of Secretary of Economic Development (Uniradio Informa, 1/9/13)

TIJUANA, BC - Members of Youth United Society (JUS), showed their disagreement with statements by the Secretary of Economic Development, Alejandro Mungaray in that unemployment of university students of the entity is more about limitations of people than it is a problem for the State's economy.

Moisés Aldana Vázquez, JUS Chairman, explained that there are personal factors for each student that affect their employment situation, but it is irresponsible for a Secretary of Economic Development to just wash his hands, when the International Labour Organization says that young people are three times more likely to be unemployed and 40% of the world's unemployed are young people due to the economic crisis. Similarly, young people of JUS, said they are annoyed with the term "darlings" Alejandro Mungaray used regarding the student sector.

"It is a pity that a Secretary has this view, more so when he is a former professor of our Máxima Casa de Estudios en Baja California, who asserts the majority of UABC students are unemployed, and that’s a lie," said the President of JUS.

Edgar Montiel Velázquez, General Director of Youth United Society, said those kind of statements are outside reality, since according to the National Survey of 2012 Youth Values (ENVJ) young people are still waiting to get good jobs after finishing their education and it is something that does happen automatically and not while studying.

"By asking the questions: In the future, what do expect to obtain from an education? 8 of every 10 respondents think that education translates into success; 53.5% consider that with an education they can get a good job, 17.6% said that it will help achieve good professional development; 9.3% think that it will help them earn money", he commented.

Montiel Velázquez, added that the problem is economic "and adverse not only for students but also for graduates, since the same former Sub Secretary of Higher Education of the Ministry of Public Education in Mexico, Rodolfo Tuirán Gutiérrez, ensured that although 432,000 students graduate each year from different universities in the country, the opportunities for them to obtain decent jobs are very scarce" in the early years. Of the 50% of those who find employment, earn less; about 45% less than the eight and half million professionals in the country who are working in positions for which did not study".

Our educational system is creating less prepared professionals, and this is not an issue economic, but educational, where Secretary Mungaray also participated. The Secretary is invited to reflect on his opinions and to approach young people, members of JUS ended.


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