Baja & Border News Translations: U.S. Dollar Remains Below 13.00 Pesos; Carmelo Wishes to Remain Useful

U.S. Dollar Remains Below 13.00 Pesos (La Cronica, 1/9/13 by Mercedes Ortiz)

MEXICALI, BC - The U.S. dollar continues without significant movement in exchange houses and banks in town remaining below 13.00 pesos.

In exchanges houses in town the dollar does not record significant variations. Purchase is listed at 12.60 pesos and 12.80 for sale - the same as traded yesterday, below 13.00 pesos.

On the website">, the dollar is quoted for purchase at 12.32 and for sale at 12.87, five cents less compared to the end of yesterday, below 13.00 pesos.

On the Internet page the dollar fell five cents for purchases quoted at 12.32 and for sale at 12.87, below 13.00 pesos.">

Carmelo Wishes to Remain Useful (La Cronica, 1/9/13 by Gerardo Fragoso)

MEXICALI, BC - "I have more than 15 years here, almost 16. Here I've had setbacks and I got up", he exclaims. José Carmelo González Bastida, who, at 53, faces a challenge every day but refuses to surrender to the easy way out, with a subsidy and gifts, struggling to remain useful to society.

Diabetes ties him to a wheelchair and near it death seemed to sear him with all its strength: "This happened from the disease which I have. Left me with an ulcer on one foot and one on the floor. Hence I developed gangrene and I lost it. That’s why they amputated my foot, in order to survive".

His days are tangibly harrowing: "My depression was very big; I couldn't believe it, I was like deer. I was going from here to there. But I am happy because God has given me another opportunity to move forward."

Currently, Gonzalez makes a living by removing and replacing plates in the parking lot at the revenue collection auxiliary, a place where, equipped with a small kit of screwdrivers, he seeks give a labor a sense of his worth, struggling to stay a productive citizen. "I’m here not getting any support from anyone, only from citizens, of users, at the time they want it, because I work", he expressed without fear, explicitly.

"There are very good and very bad people everywhere. But most here already know me and give me support. I’m recognized as a good warrior," he says proudly.

Gonzalez faces new challenges every day and continues to struggle with a condition that does not conform to everything that has hurt him: "I already do not see good with diabetes. I have cataracts and had a few spills from the disease. I want to get checked by an eye doctor, so I am diagnosed and get help, because I want to still be useful for society. I want to recover some of my sight, because I do not want to be useless", concludes this man while preparing to relocate another registration.">


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