Baja & Border News Translations: Bumps in Road Section are Danger to Motorists; Without Authorization of Land Sales, New Subdivisions Emerged

Bumps in Road Section are Danger to Motorists (EL VIGÍA, 1/9/13 by Luis Miguel Ramirez)

Ensenada, BC - In only 3 kilometers of roadway there are more than 160 potholes that could result in a crash, revealed a journey undertaken on the Transpeninsular Highway near San Carlos, between the descent of the former ejido Chapultepec to the entrance of the village in Maneadero.

In the lanes that go south at KM 16 and north to KM 18, around 90 potholes were counted. Reaching calzada Ignacio Allende, another 70 holes were recorded in the lanes from north to south on the same road section reaching the traffic light at avenida Francisco I. Madero which serves as the access to the golf course.

The bridges of Chapultepec and San Carlos are the most affected with around 60 potholes between the four lanes which represent a real danger and possibility of driving off the road. The bridge located on the waterway at San Carlos has walls on the sides and a small central traffic median, but driving is difficult due to the uneven surface and potholes which could prevent maneuvering a vehicle in the case of a blow-out.

In the southbound lane two deep trenches were detected on the bridge meters from Loma de San Fernando with only a pair of orange cones to alert motorists. Just past kilometer 16 is another pit just as dangerous due to its depth and size into which vehicles are falling into constantly because drivers can not dodge it. Sometimes they barely manage to avoid punctures or breaking a wheel.

On January 3, a 20-year old woman was in a spectacular accident in her car when headed to work in Maneadero. While trying to dodge a pothole she lost control of the unit, crashed, and suffered a total material loss. Fortunately, she came out uninjured. In this area, you can see pieces of tires as well as glass and car parts from the rollovers and collisions. According to surrounding inhabitants, they are the result of the dangerous potholes.

It is the same on the federal highway well-known as the "tramo de la muerte (stretch of death)", heading to North of the city, before and during the climb towards the former ejido Chapultepec, where there have been countless fatal accidents, specifically when vehicles drive in the right lane.">

Without Authorization of Land Sales, New Subdivisions Emerged (EL VIGÍA, 1/9/13 by Enrique Rojas)

San Quentin, BC - Local staff of the Directorate of Urban Development and Municipal Control are pending to prevent the emergence of new human settlements in the region; the last two of which can be found in ejido Padre Kino and comunidad de Lázaro Cárdenas. The head of the office, Roberto Romero González, clarified that only the one located in the ejido Father Kino "subdivisions" at the back of the distribution center of a soft drink company, has advanced. It was finalized. The second would be a development to the eastern side of Lázaro Cárdenas, but as time passed there are only pathways with the intention to proceed, said the official.

He explained that both farms belong to Ricardo López, who did not submit documentation to authorize the development of a fractionation in either of the two cases, only the feasibility that was required. He said ignoring if it carries out appropriate arrangements at the Institute for real estate development and housing, "but with urban development and Municipal Control there is no formality in this regard".

In the case of the first settlement, this still does not count on the change of land use, so procedures are in place for 80% of the land assumed by the fractionator more than three years ago. Rosemary Gonzalez assured that the staff of the unit maintains the necessary checks to detect the emergence of any new irregular subdivisions in the region. She asked people who wish to acquire land for housing coming to the regularization of land tenure institutions to find out where they can buy insurance. This will prevent jeopardizing their family heritage in acquiring land in a properly regulated settlement, stressed the official.">


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