Baja & Border News Translations: Medical Tourism Earns $1 Billion; 4 Fugitives Captured

Medical Tourism Earns More than Billion Dollars (Frontera, 9/19/12 by Celia Garcia)

TIJUANA, BC - More than one Billion dollars was reported earned in Tijuana by medical tourism during a forum for better positioning of the tourism sector. Francisco Carillo, President of the Binational Council of Medical Tourism, pointed out that taking into account that around a million people visit Tijuana to obtain medical services, the cash flow into the area amounts to $1.15 billion US. Intending to analyze the importance of medical tourism, municipal authorities organized a forum yesterday morning in the facilities of Grand Hotel. They intend to increase medical tourism from throughout the world.

He announced that the estimated amount spent per person that come from the United States is $250 US. The tourist profile from the United States is not strictly Anglo-Saxons. "The economic impact is very large and we have not always been able to identify who is a tourist and weren't accustomed to the fact were not always an Anglo-Saxon, not when they were also Mexicans who were returning. Yes, our current tourists have emigrated, lived here for a time, are now living in Los Angeles, working there and have family and friends here", he said.

This type of visitor not only makes use of medical services, but goes to the markets and other sites. He said insecurity scares them and he acknowledged they have not been well treated. Neither have those who live here and work in the United States have been treated well. They number about 60,000 and generate a large amount of currency in the town. The problem of long border crossing waiting lines from Tijuana to United States is why we should seek additional planning to facilitate their crossing.

"The objective of this Municipal Government is to establish a local policy that assists in consolidating Tijuana as a competitive and global medical tourism destination. A natural market has been given to us, by proximity to the United States as a great advantage. We have been working since the beginning of my tenure in various activities," said the head of the Secretariat of Municipal Economic Development, Miguel Velazco Bustamante.

Using the same efforts to define strategies will lead to development of a plan for the positioning of Tijuana as a medical tourism and healthcare destination in a comprehensive manner to a level of other world powers in medical tourism. The city’s current economic development situation, said Economic Secretary Miguel Velazco is that tourism has been maintained and it also represents a source of foreign exchange.

Art boards were displayed that presented such topics as destinations, medical supply and demand, tourism regulatory aspects, and certification and academic connections, among other topics. Present at the event were, Municipal President of Tijuana, Carlos Bustamante Anchondo; Secretary of Tijuana Economic Development, Miguel Velasco Bustamante; Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Juan Tintos Funcke; Delegate for the Baja California Ministry of Economy, James Ackerman; President of the Tijuana Cotuco, Mariano Escobedo Lavin; and the President of the CDT, Humberto Jaramillo, as well as representatives of business organizations, associations, hospitals and physicians in the city. http://www.frontera.info/EdicionEnLinea/Notas/Noticias/19092012/623631.aspx">http://www.frontera.info/EdicionEnLinea/Notas/Noticias/19092012/623631.aspx

PEP Arrests International Fugitives (Frontera, 9/19/12 by Luis Gerardo Andrade)

TIJUANA, Baja California - Four American subjects were arrested in Baja California because they were wanted by the authorities in their country, linked to crimes of murder, sexual assault and drug trafficking.

The preventive State Police (PEP) reported that the first arrest was made in the Sanchez Taboada colony, in follow-up to an investigation that started by request for support by U.S. authorities. At the location, PEP officers managed to locate an American fugitive, with physical characteristics that met descriptions and he was immediately placed under arrest. The individual, Jose Luis Solís, 32, was confirmed by U.S. Marshalls to have an arrest warrant for the crime of homicide, as well as for violating his probation.

Another police operation aimed at the arrest of an alleged offender sought in Florida for the crime of sexual assault was carried out on calle Ojos Negros in the Aguajito Colony, Ensenada. PEP international liaison officers deployed an effort that culminated with the arrest of Brett Cameron Weeks, 34. According to the alert issued by Florida authorities, Weeks was wanted on a warrant for the crime of sexual assault.

The third subject arrested by members of the PEP was Arturo Mariscal Francisco Lopez, 24, born in Los Angeles, California. Mariscal López was intercepted on calle Juan Felipe Rico in colony La Estrella, Mexicali. Following his arrest, international liaison officers, checked with their U.S. counterparts who reported the subject was wanted for drug trafficking and violating his probation.

On calle Sinaloa at the Cologne Airport in Tijuana, officers captured Aldo Santiago Cerda, 32, wanted in United States for violating his probation. All detainees were transferred to federal authorities for delivery to U.S. authorities. http://www.frontera.info/EdicionEnLinea/Notas/Policiaca/19092012/623552.aspx">http://www.frontera.info/EdicionEnLinea/Notas/Policiaca/19092012/623552.aspx


One trillion dollars? Wow. Pretty amazing, especially when one considers the entire GDP of Mexico is only 1.23 Trillion dollars. Somebody needs to check their decimal points.

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