Baja & Border News Translations: Mega Caesar Salad; Government Work Stoppage

Mega Caesar Salad Planned (Frontera, 10/1/12)

TIJUANA, BC - As part of the adjunct festival to the Segundo Encuentro de Tijuana Innovadora 2012 (EnTi), an event to create "La Caesar Guinness" will be held to surpass a record set in 2007 when 3,287 tons of the traditional dish was prepared.

César Escandón, Treasurer of Canirac and the project coordinator, reported the traditional dish was prepared for the first time in 1926 by Italian immigrant Caesar Cardini in Tijuana.

It was reported the event will take place October 18 on the Esplanade de la Cecut to the delight and amazement of visitors gathered where brilliant minds of Mexico, the United States and 20 countries will participate.

He noted that lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and dressing will be used to give shape to the Caesar salad, which has become famous for its ingredients and flavors in international kitchens.

César Escandón recalled Baja California failed to attain the record set in 1998 and it took until 2007 before winning the title again from New York City that has two wins to its credit.

He added "The Caesar Guinness" joins activities on "Leaders and Entrepreneurs" day where talents, attitudes, innovations and contributions of successful people of Tijuana, other cities in Mexico and the world will be highlighted.

Finally, the Treasurer of Canirac invited the community to taste the salad and to contribute in the noble cause, since funds raised from the sale of each dish will be allocated to community support organizations.

Bureaucrats Create Work Stoppage (Frontera, 10/1/12 by Laura Duran)

TIJUANA, BC - More than 6,000 bureaucrats who work for State and Municipal Governments sponsored a work stoppage protest due to a wage increase of only 7.6% - less than the expected 8.5%. Concentrated on the inside and outside of the center of government workers gathered in gardens, staircases, corridors and concourses in the State Government structure.

According to Angel Gaeta Arellano, Secretary of Labor and Conflicts, the work stoppage will end when authorities and Union leaders meet to talk about the increase. As stated at the general Assembly held on September 27, it was agreed the work stoppage may be longer if the authorities do not address the request.

He also said on October 4 a federal court hearing will follow up on the legal disagreement because the State Government included an increase of only 7.6% in bi-weekly salaries without the Union’s agreement, a condition filled with the Court of Arbitration.

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