Baja & Border News Translations: New Tourist Area Security Patrols Established; Man Tries to Poison Sister with LP Gas

New Tourist Area Security Patrols Established (AFN, 11/7/12)

TIJUANA, BC – Today, with the intention of improving attention to domestic and foreign visitors, as well as security to the tourist area, the Secretariat of Municipal Public Safety (SSPM) established eight Municipal police patrol elements trained to cater to visitors.

This afternoon, Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra, head of the SSPM, gave the starting signal to four Chevrolet Aveo sedans and four 2012 Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks equipped with service attachments, aimed exclusively at providing an image of cleaning, maintenance and efficient service.

The Secretary explained that they will watch the area comprising avenidas Revolución, Constitución and Francisco I. Madero, from calle Primera to Décima. In addition, 14 properly prepared officers will be assigned to attend to tourists and provide security support to traders. They will be committed to take care of them and serve the population.

"In this area we have drastically reduced crime incidence with officers performing activities, such as orientation to tourists", he said. The start of patrols was carried out in the corner of the avenida Revolution and calle Primera, in the downtown delegation.">

Man Tries to Poison Sister with LP Gas (AFN, 11/7/12)

TIJUANA, BC - Jealous toward his sister, Juan César González Mora, 33, attacked and deprived the freedom of the woman and threatened to kill her with LP gas. She invited him in for beers, when he locked her up, hit her then stole 4,000 pesos ($307 US) and opened LP gas valves

This was reported at 1 am today, when Municipal police officers arrested Gonzalez after work inside his home at 18178 calle Huapango in fraccionamiento Villas de Baja California, distrito Los Pinos. An anonymous call to emergency number 066 indicated to officers that cries for help were heard in the home, according to the official report.

Officers talked with the accused, convinced him to open the door and confirmed the facts. They found the wallet and belongings of the victim scattered on the floor according to the indictment. After a brief interview with the victim, she revealed around 6 pm yesterday at her home, the attacker arrived, greeted her and she invited him in for a few beers where he locked her up.">


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