Baja & Border News Translations: Pollution Red Alert; Firefighters Answer 45 Calls During Holidays

Pollution Red Alert (La Cronica, 12/25/12 by Yerson Martinez)

MEXICALI, BC – Yesterday, the Mexicali and Calexico index of air quality (AQI) level rose into the Red Phase, that represents a possible affect to people with heart or lung diseases where older adults and children should avoid prolonged or heavy activities. The AQI is divided into six phases; normal air quality index points are 0 to 50.

On December 25, the Civil Protection Directorate reported through its daily monitoring, it exceeded 170 points, starting with a rise of contaminants beginning at midnight. According to the Center for Monitoring in Calexico in Imperial Valley County, air pollution particles levels of 2.5 PPM represent a possible for impact of people with respiratory and heart illnesses. The elderly and children are the most vulnerable groups especially when they are physically active.

He added that people with cardiopulmonary disease and the elderly may experience increased worsening of heart or lung disease and risk premature mortality. Furthermore, the population can generally experience increased respiratory effects.

Similarly, the U.S EPA pointed out that under such pollution levels, people with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should avoid prolonged or heavy activities. Understanding “how long?" is four or more hours of activity with short periods of rest from heavy efforts that would increase the rate of breathing at rest by fourfold or greater.

When pollution levels in the air increase above 2.5 PPM, it affects people’s health, since they exist in many forms and sizes, as well as in solid or liquid droplets and can be 100 times thinner than a human hair, according to information from the Department of Environmental Air Quality of the County of Pima in Tucson, Arizona.

Organic compounds and heavy metals of 2.5 PPM are generated and emitted mainly by automobiles, as well as the burning of plants and the casting and processing of metals.">

Firefighters Answer 45 Calls During Holidays (La Cronica, 12/26/12 by Yerson Martinez)

MEXICALI, BC - The Director of Firefighters from Mexicali attended to 18 home fires and 27 garbage fires in vacant lots during Christmas operations, reported Rubén Darío Osuna.

The Fire Director said during the night of December 24, they had 9 home fires in the city and the Valley, 2 of which were total losses. In addition there were 3 trash fires and 3 gas leaks creating 2 gas explosions in homes due to faulty stoves, without any reported injuries.

Nine accidents were served by fire ambulances on roadways. The operative attended to numerous clandestine fireworks sale calls of which 15 reports were made anonymously to 066 and culminated in the seizure of 80 kilograms of rockets.

Darío Osuna said the report of an injured person in the Valley, turned out to be a person, 60 years of age, who fell over a campfire and caused second and third degree burns.

Of the home fires reported on December 25 in the Valley and the city, 9 had partial destruction. As well, the Municipal Director of Fire suffocated 14 trash fires and 1 gas leak.">

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