Baja & Border News Translations: Circus Continued as Scheduled; First Woman in BC Sentenced for Trafficking Offense

Circus Continued as Scheduled (AFN, 12/11/12)

TIJUANA BC - Although with less assistance than usual, both circus events scheduled for Monday afternoon and night at the circus installed opposite the macroplaza de los bulevares Insurgentes and Manuel Clouthier at la Tercera Etapa del Río, were held.

While 20 hours earlier, one member of this circus family was attacked with bullets by a person who entered his trailer after the show and shot him twice with a handgun, injuring him in the back.

Parking lot workers pointed out that relatives of the injured Jesus Apollo Fuentes Sanchez, 44, who is in serious condition according to reports of the Office of the State Attorney-General, were very discrete about what happened.

Despite the attack, managers felt that they should not stop activities, and according to theatrical tradition, functions continued under the big tent on Monday.

First Woman in BC Sentenced for Trafficking Offense (AFN, 12/10/12)

TIJUANA BC - The Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE) reported on what is considered the first ruling against a woman for trafficking in Baja California and received a punishment of 13 years in prison. The woman was found to have sexually exploited her sister, 17 years old.

The Attorney against Organized Crime State Trafficking Unit confirmed it was the first sentence given in the State for this Offense. Claudia Murillo Morales, Chief of the State Unit of Trafficking in Persons, said that thanks to the work done by the Directorate of Control Processes, they achieved getting 13 years in prison against Ana Isabel Mayén Vázquez, 22, since the tenth criminal court found her criminally responsible for the offense of trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation.

Data obtained through investigations conducted by agents of the Ministerial Police noted the events took place in July 2011, when the victim, 17, and her mother came from Sinaloa to Tijuana. Here the minor’s mother found work in a bar and her daughter was left in the custody of her sister Ana Isabel Mayén Vázquez in the colonia Jardín.

During a three months period from July to October 2011, Ana Isabel used her sister for prostitution activity obtaining a fee of 100 pesos ($8 US). For fear of her sister, she was intimate men since Ana Isabel Mayén continued to receive payment, which she denied.

After she refused to be intimate with men, her sister hit her with a belt in different parts of the body. The minor then decided to tell some friends of her sister what had happened. Through a call to Ministerial Police, officers obtained knowledge of the fact and began an investigation that led to the capture of Ana Isabel.

The 22-year-old woman was placed at the disposal of the Agent of the Public Prosecutor of the Common Law of the State Unit Against the Crime of Trafficking in Persons and began the integrated preliminary investigation, which was appropriated and resulted in an apprehension request by the referring court. The order was completed by ministerial officials. By indictment, after the conclusion of the criminal proceedings, she was sentenced.

Since this sentence applies to specific law in Baja California, the PGJE reiterated its commitment to prosecute these crimes that seriously harm society.

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