Border News Translations: 2 Shot; Fire Hydrants; Hot Metals

TIJUANA BC (El Mexicano, Said Betanzos, 5/25/11) - Two Masons were found this morning, shot dead in the interior of a building under construction in colonia México Lindo. The property is located on calle Durango. The bodies were of two young people about 20 years old. The General Office of Justice of the State (PGJE) identified the victims as Rudolph and Ismael, killed with a shotgun. The discovery came around 7 a.m.

TIJUANA BC (AFN Tijuana, 5/25/11) - Without respect for safety regulations and traffic regulations, the driver of a green taxi, on the Tijuana-Rosarito route, left his vehicle parked beside a fire hydrant at the delegation La Mesa fire station in Tijuana. The driver left the vehicle to enter a grocery store but was not concerned it was impeding access to the hydrants used by the fire brigade.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol deTijuana, Krystel Gómez Seville, 5/25/11) - Legitimate business owners have joined to combat the sale of illicit material in their businesses, said the President of Canacintra, Alejandro Salinas Díez, while they ask local authorities to locate clandestine operators, whose total numbers within the city are unknown.

The owner of the National House of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) in Tijuana explained that around 45 businesses are duly established in the city. They are companies dedicated to the recycling of ferrous metals. They have begun to share their experiences and forces against the supply of stolen materials.

He cited a case in Mexicali, where the municipal police of the State capital and companies have collaborated to identify those businesses that are engaged in the clandestine purchase of metals, finding transactions were performed at night to avoid being caught.

In this regard, Díez Salinas said that companies in Tijuana were working hand-in-hand with municipal authorities to assure there was no harassment of the well-established businesses. They identified locations of clandestine businesses because they ignore how many there are and how much is lost by their actions.

"Here we are working very closely with legal companies, in good faith, so they are not attacked nor have police harassment. Unfortunately, there are those small underground businesses we are advocating eliminating. These companies make direct attacks. They determine how to work around the municipal authorities and not get caught," said the President of Canacintra.

He added that they continue internal controls in each of their companies, evaluate each client that comes with material for recycling, and determine based on the context if it was of legal origin or not. Alejandro Salinas noted that when a person presents with stolen material, he refuses to accept it but still did not have an ability to complain. Therefore, it is in communication with the State Attorney, State, and Federal municipal governments to combine with the Canacintra and eradicate these acts.

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