Border News Translations: X-Ray on Tijuana

TIJUANA BC (Frontera, Celia Garcia, 5/18/11) - The regional director of the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics, Irma Laura Murillo Lozoya, offered an x-ray of the population of Tijuana. Some progress was noted in the areas of infrastructure, education and school level of the population among other items. One condition that should be taken into account by municipal authorities is with a 1,559,683 inhabitants, Tijuana is the third most populated municipality in the world. One aspect most called to her attention is that Tijuana has a difficult topography. The degree of urban infrastructure in homes such as tap water, sewer drainage and electricity is higher than the national average. He noted that 97% of the homes in Tijuana have sewer drainage. The degree of schooling for the population 15 years or older in Tijuana is 9.2%, below the State average of 9.3%. Mexicali is where the population has the highest level of schooling with 9.6%. "It costs the same to build in a flat in a city location such as Tijuana. However, the level of equipment is higher in their homes." With regard to vulnerable sectors, the population with disabilities is 3.2%, a quantity below the national average. Among other data, he said that the percentage of women heads of households has increased. It is related to the increase in the number of widowed, separated and divorced women. The number of women who are widowed, he explained, has to do with the fact that women live longer than men. In addition, he said that a woman, who is separated and divorced with children, has less chance of remarriage as they generally choose to maintain their children. Meanwhile the Cabinet Coordinator, Antonio Cano noted that Tijuana is the third most populated city in Mexico. This obliges authorities to assume greater responsibility for the services that the community demands. There could be more resources. The city official explained that indicators could promote obtaining more resources from the State and the Federation. Although this is relative and can be affected due to the city’s “floating population”, it is not recorded reaching the Federation with hard data on this issue. The budget is also attributable to the number of vulnerable women, people with disabilities, and when they fall, so do illiteracy rates. Jiménez Cano said that the Mayor of Tijuana, Carlos Bustamante Anchondo would evaluate the information for the elaboration of public policies.


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