Border News Translations: Kalimba Assault Charge; 200+ Sports Parks

TIJUANA BC (SanDiegoRed, Andrea García, 5/18/11) – New accusations are again in the sights for Mexican singer Kalimba. A magazine publication ensures he abused a minor, but he defends himself via his Twitter account. "I love and am grateful for the support. I am not asking that they be on my side. I ask that they are objective. There is nothing hidden to be discovered. DLB (God bless you)", he posted. The crime he is now accused of is that he abused a girl, 5, according to an ex-girlfriend of Kalimba, Kimberly, who also told TV that the singer beat the girl to discipline her. "Soon it will show the truth. I am grateful for the support and feel that you guys also suffer this. Nevertheless, the world is good. God takes it in his hands", Kaliomba published a couple of hours ago in his personal account.

TIJUANA BC (SanDiegoRed, Omar Millán, 5/18/11) – Camino Verde was a troubled colony. Its geography consisted of ravines where the community built austere housing defying gravity. It had a scenario of violence, gangs, family disintegration, drug abuse, crime and alcoholism. However, a sports complex was built a year ago in the heart of this lower-middle class neighborhood of about 3,000 families. It is relieving to have such an environment, according to the residents. "This park has done so much for the community. Even the morros (children and young people) have a place to kick a ball", said Domingo Canseco. He is a taxi driver, 37, and since he is on an opposing team, he walks an hour every morning to the unity basketball court. His three teenage children will play football this afternoon. Following the creation of a football fast pitch, made at the Park, they formed an open League, led by Fidel Peñuñuri. It is adolescents, young people and residents of the same colony. "Not only has this community’s quality of living improved but we are also able to entertain the many young people who don’t know what to do," said Peñuñuri. "Also the same people take care of the park and don’t graffiti the walls." Before becoming a park, this area was a natural stream, where people threw trash and malvivientes (thugs) used to walk, said Flora Rosas, 76, who has lived in the area for 20 years at his small grocery store located in front of what today is the sport park. "There was a son-in-law of mine they almost killed two years ago stealing his cell phone. They beat him up leaving him for dead. Now things have changed since the park was built. The police are more aware and the gangs can't gather," added Rosas. The sports unit of Camino Verde is one of 214 public parks rehabilitated in Baja California - half of them in Tijuana - in the past three years by the federal Government, through the Ministry of Social Development, together with the State and municipalities. Green areas with games are for children and courts for basketball and football where families join to exercise, talk or watch their children playing. These types of parks would increase, Heriberto Félix, Federal Secretary of Social Development, said during a public ceremony in Tijuana. In the next two years, 86 more sports units will be completed in the State, which would make 300 in total.The reuse of public spaces program works through the investment of the three levels of Government in the following way: for each part paid-in by the municipality for the rehabilitation of a sports unit, the State gives two more and the Federation gives another three. "A park or a sports court translates to a place where children and young people will play; where the families live. We prefer a thousand times over that young people compete for a trophy in football, than walk free on the street competing for markets to sell drugs", said Felix. The federal official signed a series of contracts for Habitat programs and public space rescue. The Governor of Baja California and mayors of the entity will provide 412.5 million pesos ($35,186,032), 263 million of them ($22,433,761), aimed at the recovery of public spaces, announced the State.The authorities believe that when they improve the quality of life by rehabilitation of public spaces they are fighting the pandillerismo (gangs) and substance abuse to increase public safety. Today more than ever, society needs these spaces because the region is a difficult environment. The Government waged a battle against the drug cartels that has officially killed 2,327 killed people from 2008 through 2010, and in Tijuana alone 170 through April of this year. In addition, 390 people have disappeared in the past four years, according to the Civic Association against Impunity. The victims were mainly young people under 24 years old, according to authorities. One recent morning in April, a group of employees of the Kyocera factory played fast drive football at "Professor José Santos Meza", considered the best sports park in the city. Many had their children and spouses to support them or walk a while on the track. The Sports Center measures two hectares (5 acres). The authorities opened it last year on what was once a garbage dump and sewage stream. They filled the area with soil and made underground pipelines for drainage. It is located in libramiento Rosas Magallón, East of the city. It includes a football field of official soccer dimensions, four fast soccer fields, five basketball courts and a ramp where people can run, walk, or bike. The sports parks at Colinas Agua Caliente and Hacienda Agua Caliente and the colonias at Remosa, Burócratas and Grupo México are visited on a daily basis - according to its director Leopoldo Solórzano - by at least 2,000 people, mainly of the residential neighborhoods. "We played in the street and weren’t too competitive as teams. Many wanted to play as it is now, because we were very far from sports parks. Since the middle of last year we have come here when we could play in the morning," said Antonio Teodoro, 36, a worker from Kyocera. "If we were not here, we would be on the streets, getting interrupting all the time because cars pass, or sitting in our homes bored thinking about pure bad things", added Vidal Cruz, 25, another employee of the factory.


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