Border News Translations: Indigents, alcoholics, drug addicts, deportees, polleros, and drug sellers

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Laura Sánchez Law, 5/18/11) – Downtown area traders demanded, during a meeting in the Kanak, that authorities of the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública (Ministry of Public Security) reduce crime and provide security to permanently remove all indigents, alcoholics, drug addicts, deportees, polleros, and drug sellers.

At the meeting were Guillermo Díaz, a representative of the Centre area Merchants Association; César Sánchez, of the Bar Association; Julián Palombo, the Avenida Revolución Merchants Association; Martín Muñoz, of the Association of Traders in the Plaza Santa Cecilia, as well as representatives of the delegation area Center Directors.

Karim Chalita Rodríguez said at the end of the meeting that it was agreed the Secretariat of Municipal public security would jointly determine the best operational security strategy and ongoing monitoring based on the allocation of a certain number of foot officers, cycling officers, and patrols under a single command to coordinate and be responsible for results. It was revealed that the tourist walkway from the international line towards the Centre and Avenida Revolución would be included in the first mesa of the city.

The representative of trade in Tijuana said that there was a significant amount of crime of various kinds -- predominantly assaults and robberies against business establishments, assaults of varying magnitude to the resident population, and frequent theft from tourists.

In addition to criminal behavior exercised at all times of the day, there are a number of offenders who have taken over the place as their modus vivendi (way of life). So, we are given the task of creating a strategic plan for the benefit of our citizens and traders because of these illegal crimes being committed.

Chalita Rodriguez explained that it is a busy pedestrian and vehicular public transport area. A lack of police presence has been one of the circumstances that favor criminal incidence in the area. The lack of presence of municipal police and the fact that street lighting is insufficient both contribute.

They requested the Secretariat of public security cover the 26 major sidewalks in the area, assigning two officers at each sidewalk cross route, at Plaza Centenario, Avenida Revolución and passages, Plaza Santa Cecilia, Mercado de Artesanías, and Andador Turístico. They requested officers circulate and from time to time to remain in fixed locations to identify infringers.


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