Border News Translations: Car Sales Targeted; LP Plant Protested

TIJUANA BC (El Linea de Tijuana, Henry MONDRAGON, 5/10/11) - The Ministry of planning and finance in coordination with local authorities will implement an operation to eradicate the illegal sale of vehicles in the State. In an interview, the head of the State unit, Manuel Aguilar Bojorquez, reported that once the regularization of foreign cars is completed, they would begin operating. "First we will carry out patrols to start the zero tolerance operation and begin to pick up vehicles not properly registered in the State," he declared. However, they will also be operating with authorities to suppress the clandestine sale of cars in unauthorized sites like public roads or on vacant land used as car sales lots. This modality (car lots on vacant land) occurs more in the city of Tijuana, mainly in areas such as Libramiento Rosas Magallón, bulevar Insurgentes and Cucapah. The Secretary for planning and finance, said the Decree of vehicle imports is published by the federal Government through the Ministry of economy (SE), will benefit a significant amount of Baja Californianos. It should be recalled that the BC plate program will benefit about 60,000 motorists and with the new decree, the Fronterización program, a similar benefit is expected. The State official reported how important it is that citizens sell vehicles within the framework of legality. These aid programs have been implemented for the welfare of citizens.

TECATE BC (El Linea Tijuana, 5/6/11) – Servigas del Norte company intends to install an LP gas storage plant in the poblado Paso del Águila, in the municipality of Tecate. It involves high risk to the inhabitants of this housing area, which has tourist and sporting vacations, reported the Alderman Armando Reyes Ledezma, State Coordinator of the labor party. He said that after obtaining benefits from the Federal Government, the company intends to store 1 million liters of the fuel. These actions, he said, place the Orfanatorio Rancho Nazaret (Nazareth Ranch Orphanage) in danger. "The 20th Council of Tecate gave permission for the land use which was irresponsibly allowed by the previous municipal authority. They must not be allowed under lies that the city needs the supply of gas. It will affect the population and put it at risk with this type of plant which potentially represent a high risk," said Reyes Ledezma. Armando Reyes pointed out that this type of plant stores dangerous and highly flammable material so they are considered high-risk companies. He underscored that Servigas installations should only be allowed in low-risk industrial areas. "We know that in this area, traders have already been evicted and now they seek to deprive the Orfanatorio Nazaret, located on the adjoining property. The area where you intend to install this gas plant is residential. The obligation of a good Government is to protect the integrity and security of citizens. This gas storage plant would endanger the lives of those who live in the vicinity." Armando Reyes said that such companies should not be installed without the consent of the population through studies or surveys. He said that the labor party always defends the interests of the people who are affected by companies with political or economic power. "We call for the Tecatense society to demonstrate against this plant to protect the environment, the security of the people and the tourist vocation of the region. Through justice and solidarity in the PT, we will strongly support the Orfanatorio Rancho Nazaret to avoid its relocation from the current location", concluded Reyes Ledezma.


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