Border News Translations 30: Reading is Fun; Mexico Loses Customers to U.S.; Drunken Crash

TIJUANA (El Sol de Tijuana, Sonia García Ochoa) - The public squares of Tijuana are capturing the interest of those participating in the “Reading to Learn and Have Fun” campaign, promoted by the State educational system (SEE) along with teachers, officials, entrepreneurs, journalists and parents of students of basic education. César Sánchez Frehem, delegate of the SEE, invited parents to devote daily time for reading with their children, to awaken their taste for reading so it becomes a shared activity. The education authorities gave books to children and young persons, shared reading aloud with them and exchanged experiences about what motivates them to be teachers and civil servants. He said reading is important because it helps in the development and refinement of language, improves oral and written expression, increases vocabulary and improves spelling, as well as allowing the person get in touch with other places, people and customs distant to him in time and space. There was strong interest in the activities in such places as Warrior Lieutenant Park in the downtown area, the Mall Walk 2000, on the beaches of Tijuana and in the Macroplaza. Taking reading into the squares also included an extra ingredient - the presentation of a play by the Instituto de Cultura de Baja California. He added they would schedule more days like this in which families become involved with educational system staff and officials of other government offices. The official said that the development of reading ability is one of the keys to learning in all areas of knowledge both in and outside of school. Practice develops the capacities for observation, attention, concentration, analysis and critical thinking.

TIJUANA (El Sol de Tijuana, Laura Sánchez Law) - $400 to 600 million a year are lost to consumers in San Diego, due to a lack of competitiveness on the border. In interview Karim Chalita Rodríguez, President of the local National Chamber of Commerce (Kanak), reported the decline has been particularly strong in the last 5 years; Number one is a lack of competitiveness, a strong restriction as the border, and an uncertainty by perception rather than reality. He recalled that while some years ago there was the so-called "free zone". Now long lines observed entering the business of Tijuana from the United States are gone and traders reported decrease in their sales. He said the families of the region that have probably chosen to shop in the United States because prices are lower, items may not offered here due to the lack of a strategic economic zone and a higher tax than in California. For the period of Easter holidays, the President of the Kanak says consumers go to the cities of Ensenada and Rosarito and don’t stay in Tijuana and at our beaches. He does not have the exact figure regarding the amount of economic loss to the city, but said that it is high. As an employer committed to the National Chamber of Commerce, he will seek to solve some of the problems facing established city merchants, because in addition to the problem of leakage of consumers to the U.S., and the decline in sales in recent years, they also have to deal with the police extortion. “The Chamber of Commerce say they not getting complaints directly, but among their main concerns are traders who report they have seen extortion or stopping of foreigners with only American plates only”, he said spoke. He agreed to be alert for these types of illegal activities, because tourists will be scared to come here. “We will continue to work and looking for harmonious relations with Captain Gustavo Huerta Martínez, to move forward with these problems," he concluded.

TIJUANA (Frontera) – Due to excess speed and drunkenness, the driver of a vehicle struck retaining walls on International Avenue, which is under construction. The accident occurred around 2: 30 a.m. The sedan crashed into walls, placed there by city workers. Despite, being a spectacular collision, the driver was unhurt.


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