The End of Citrus Heights - Lemon Grove?

Back in mid-April," target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Michele Clock of our distinguished daily paper reported that Lemon Grove city council members were not too happy with the proposed Helix Water District capacity fee to be charged on new developments. According to Ms. Clock's article, the mayor of Lemon Grove felt "blindsided" by the fees for new hookups that appear to have sidelined at least two larger projects yet to be developed.

It turns out that one of those projects is the never-started Citrus Heights development on the old Encanto Gas Holder site, the same site" rel="nofollow">Kelly Bennett reported on in her March 14, 2007 article "A Lot with a Legacy in Lemon Grove" for

So far, the lot with a legacy in Lemon Grove has been the subject of three legal actions, including a civil lawsuit by County Counsel motivated by Supervisor Dianne Jacob in her role as an Air Pollution Control District board member (" rel="nofollow">Jacob Journal p. 3), a federal environmental trial where SDG&E was actually found" rel="nofollow">guilty before the public utility got the charges tossed after winning a motion for new trial, and a Proposition 65 enforcement action in the public interest that may or may not be over, depending on whether one is speaking to attorneys for Sempra Energy or a certain attorney for several and maybe all Encanto Gas Holder Victims v. SDG&E plaintiffs.

In any case, curious members of the public can see lab results first taken by SDG&E or its contractors then later by APCD inspectors that show asbestos in demolition debris both in and outside the lot at tens to hundreds of times greater than allowed under California law. All one has to do to see those bulk sample analysis reports is go to the Hall of Justice and look for case # 37-2008-00085159-CU-BT-CTL.

Alternatively, I am informed that one can do a Freedom of Information request of the FBI for the same results from the United States of America v. SDG&E trial exhibits of 2007.

According to April Flake, one of the EGHV v. SDG&E plaintiffs and a prosecution witness in US v. SDG&E, all she really wanted was for nobody to go into the 16-acre lot across the dirt road from her house and start disturbing the ground. She really hates the asbestos dust when that happens.

Merry Christmas, April. It seems your wish has come true.

UPDATE: It appears that Tony Young is interested in the happenings at the old Encanto Gas Holder site and any development impact on the City of San Diego. A representative of the 4th District council member's office spoke at length about the site at the Encanto Neighborhoods Community Planning Group meeting on December 21, and the planning group has established a subcommittee to investigate and report back with policy recommendations.

The City of Lemon Grove provided its opinion to the planning group that the lot is clean, but it seems that Lemon Grove city staffers are unfamiliar with the bulk sample analysis reports cited above or any of the SDG&E/Sempra Energy depositions taken of the lab analysts who produced the NVLAP-compliant reports.

The 2004 Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure report showing that the lot is allegedly clean was written by a former employee of IT Corporation, the demolition contractor that SDG&E initially hired in 2000 (see "guilty" link above regarding IT Corp. project manager's verdict of July 2007). The declaration of the IT Corp./Shaw E&I employee is also on file at the Hall of Justice under the case number cited above, as well as the declaration of the Sempra Energy manager for environmental compliance and safety who hired both IT Corp. and Shaw E&I for their Encanto Gas Holder work.


John, are you going to pursue the FBI lab results?

  • Joe

RE FBI Lab results:

According to the first person who's made the FOI request to FBI, documents are being recalled from storage and copied for her now.

I am assuming that she's mostly asked for the Nick Vent photos that Penny Weir (her name then) testified to as prosecution exhibits on June 5-7, 2007.

People who don't want to pay Hall of Justice or FOI copying fees for the mentioned BULK SAMPLE ANALYSIS REPORTS can see copies of the 1998, 1999 Ninyo & Moore, and "9-7-2000" lab results (made available to Sempra Energy and SDG&E before the botched demolition job began) at

Actually, there's a whole lot more available there and in the parent directory, but it takes a whole lot more time to digest it all. It'll all remain available for at least the next decade or more as a service to any EGH victims who come down with mesothelioma.

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