6-Year-Old Evicted

I got home yesterday and turned on the TV. Inside Edition had a story about a 6-year-old girl they said was going to be evicted.

Well, with a tease like that, I certainly couldn’t change the channel during a commercial.

I immediately thought of the skit Will Ferrell did with his child who was 2-years-old. It was on his Be Funny or Die website, and it had the child trying to collect rent from Will, who pleads and begs, only to have the toddler curse back at him about how he’s always late with the rent.

This girl in Florida, is in the custody of her grandparents. Her mom was in and out of jail, with drug problems. The grandparents live in an old folks home (Jerry Seinfeld once did a routine where he said “Do police come to old peoples homes and make them relocate to Florida? Get in the golf cart, gramps!”)

The problem is it’s a 55-plus community, and the rules state that no one under 18 can live there longer then 60 days. Which to me, seems like a weird rule. Does that mean an old person could let a bunch of 21-year-olds live there, to party and make noise?

For a few years I played basketball with a guy that had a condo in an old folks home around El Cajon. I never knew how they were able to pull that off.

People shouldn’t be so upset with the home owners association on this one. If they start making exceptions, before you know it, it’s no longer an old folks home.

The grandparents were all set to sell their place, and the housing market crashed and made that tough. They’ve even slashed the price significantly, but aren’t getting any takers.

It seems to me, they could bend the rules a bit on this one. And instead of giving this family a 60 day notice or whatever it was, just tell them the child isn’t allowed to play outside.

The video they showed, she was riding her bike and running around the front lawn. First off…do you want a child riding a bike where a bunch of old people drive? That’s a disaster waiting to happen. And playing in the yard, could have the child making noise. Maybe the old folks want some peace and quiet, away from kids, in their golden years.

And besides, these grandparents can take her to a park that isn’t in an old folks community. She can play with kids her age and have a blast.

That would be a win-win.


I've always wondered, if you walked down the street of one of these places, if the peace and quiet is broken by TV's turned all the way up, because the old people can't hear so good.

My grandmother (god rest her soul), used to have the TV blasting, even while she slept. IT was hysterical. Except for the times I'd spend the night with her, and had to listen to Larry King's horrible radio show for two hours, at full volume, while trying to sleep (if any talk show can make you go to sleep, it's him; just not turned up to 11).

Oh, also...at this point, I should apologize to any 6-year-olds reading this that I may have offended. I understand I sometimes offend people in these blogs.

Sometimes I used to wish that I lived in an old fart community because of the extremely annoying and loud neighbors kids. Them I found out that if you move to a more expensive/nicer area in town, the kids seem to be quieter and better behaved.

The 55+ complexes are excempt from certain "Fair Housing Laws" how ever I think Landlords should be able to restrict children from being able to live in their rental. Kids destroy and annoy more than my dog would, but try finding a place to rent with a 100 pound dog.

jm...I'm the king of typos and using, commas, where they, are not needed (maybe because I want it to read as of William Shatner wrote it, I don't know).

Shatner!! What a great M.O.T.! i love him.

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