Thoughts on Facebook and ACORN

A few of my friends posted interesting things on their Facebook page. One was a list of something like 30 things that are annoying about internet technology. It had things like those words you have to type in for security codes, to prove you aren’t a computer but a real person.

Another was about how we get out email box filed with all these updates from our friends stuff on Facebook, which is annoying. Especially when it’s all about some stupid cow they got on a farm game, or a heart that some woman sent another. Really people, you don’t have anything more interesting going on in your lives?

You also have friends that all decide to post the same video at the same time. Yes, yes, we’ve all seen the boy who returned from the dentist. And the black guy that did such a “powerful” piece about his dad leaving him, incorporating a goofy “knock knock” theme to his slam poetry piece.

Someone else posted a story from the Washington Times, about the 20-year-old girl who is being sued by ACORN.

You’ve probably seen the video. She posed as a prostitute in the Baltimore offices, with a young guy pretending to be her pimp. I remember one video showing him dressed as a pimp, and looking like he’s straight out of some 70s TV show.

One group is helping her with her defense fund, and really, nobody has to feel sorry for her. Lawyers are doing this stuff pro bono. And anything negative that happens to her, will merely add to the book deal or job she’ll get when it’s all over. Financially, she’s going to be set.

And yes, I’m glad she came into the Chula Vista location, and the other cities she hit, to show the negative side of ACORN. My liberal lawyer friend was upset, telling me ACORN started out doing such good things and yadda yadda yadda. I really don’t want to even go there, because ACORN became such a ridiculous organization so quickly.

It surprised me that everyone on Facebook wanted to post about how horrible it was this college student is being charged with anything. Why don’t people realize, that you can’t break the law? Even if this means you’re doing it to catch other people that are doing something wrong.

If I call a friend and am recording the conversation, and I get him to admit he killed his wife...well, guess what? The phone call won’t be used in court. In California, and in most states, you need to get permission from the other party to record a phone conversation.

Even when I do phone interviews with some celebrity and they know they are being interviewed by me for something I’m writing; I have to specifically tell them that that phone call is being recorded.

Again, just because we’re happy with the outcome of a vigilante -- whether that’s shooting a pedophile or secretly video taping a babysitter that’s smacking your kid around -- you have to do these things legally. And if you don’t, I’m all for the authorities turning around and charging you.


ACORN is an organization whose only goal is to push a super liberal agenda. To pay people to register voters...you know you are asking for trouble. But these organizations need to decide what their true mission is, and be honest about it.

Hey, just so ya know: On your Facebook home page you should see an option (usually in the upper right area) for "Settings," where you can adjust the e-mail notifications you receive.

I will not charge you for this great advice...

You know what, Sattin? When I complained about this on Facebook (in a sarcastic way, but trying to get my point across to all the people that do these things)...a few of them told me about that. I was unaware.

I don't mind "updates" on different threads, if they are interesting. And by interesting, even if it's their kid scoring a goal in a youth soccer game. That's fine.

It's the people that post about what kind of sandwich they're making their kids or what appointments they're heading out to.

Pyscho...I totally agree about ACORN. The funny thing is, I'm a Democrat. And I always end up arguing with other Democrats, because of idiotic organizations like this, and the ACLU (last I heard, they were going to help balloon boys family).

Thank God for annoying technology, otherwise many would not

know much about this CORRUPT organization.

"Any organization that helps a bunch of poor spear-chuckers should be shut down!!!"

Wait. You know, I'm trying to figure out if you're being sarcastic, but really, "spear-chuckers"? A serious counterpoint would be much easier to digest...

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