Oceanside Cop Back to Work

My stepbrother and I usually agree on things. But we argued for hours about the cop in Oceanside.

I was bothered that a jury found him not guilty, after he unloaded his .38 into a womans car, hitting her young son.

My stepbrother said we weren't on the jury, and maybe there are things we didn't hear.

But really, I heard all I needed to hear.

A crazy woman was tailgating him after a roadrage incident. She followed him into a parking lot in Oceanside. When she pulled her car next to him, he pulled out his gun and pointed it at her.

Right there, he's wrong. He's an off-duty cop and should know better.

What person thinks it's okay to point a gun at someone? What if she would've panicked, accelerated and drove her car through a building? What if she reached for something, perhaps a cell phone to call police, and he fired his gun thinking she was going for a gun?

Instead, she pulled up in front of him. And called 911, to report a man pointing a gun at her. The cops wife called 911.

She then backed her car up, and her mirror hit his. And he did what he thought was appropriate. He unloaded his gun into her car, hitting a 7-year-old in the leg.

Of course, after the fact, he claimed his life was threatened.

Now listen...I think this woman should lose custody of her kid. She had alcohol and drugs in her system, and was driving. All that, with a previous DUI and long track record. This is a woman that shouldn't be raising a kid. And she should probably be doing some jail time, too.

But that doesn't mean the cop should get off. If a jury found him not guilty, I could live with that. I just won't like hearing that the police aren't going to terminate him. Any officer that uses that kind of judgement, really shouldn't be out on the road. Right now, they're trying to decide if he just needs more training. Now, how insane is that? When cops do something wrong, they just get more training. It makes no sense.

There's a local cop now that's being charged with assaulting a prostitute. He's apparently done this often in the past. Should he just get "more" training? Or, should he be fired and go to jail? He knows right from wrong, and should be held to even higher standards.

And, I'm usually the one on these blogs supporting the police. They have a tough job, and every time they fire their weapon or try to arrest someone...people gripe that it was an old lady. Or that it was a guy rushing to the hopsital, or [insert cop complaint here].

I thought police had extensive psych things they had to pass. And, I seem to recall a documentary that showed the various things they have to deal with. One was an obsticle course where they have a gun drawn and are ready to fire. Things jump out at them, and they have to make a split-second decision. Sometimes it's a cardboard cut out of a little girl holding a teddy bear. And I'm always surprised when I see how well the cops handle those situations. And that's probably because they wait an extra second before firing. That second could result in an officers death. I can appreciate the danger of that.

But when I talked to someone that used to work security at House of Blues, she told me how much cops would flip out when they weren't allowed to bring their guns into the club. I initially thought that was crazy, too. Who wouldn't want off-duty cops with their weapons? It's like having extra security.

But I've changed that way of thinking. Because often times, it's the cops that get out of line.


I was surprised at the verdict also. Of course I was also shocked at the stupid verdict in the OJ Simpson murder trial.

I feel this jury voted against Rachel Silva rather than really being the "blind justice" and seeing this for the crime it was. Also, not all "crimes" have to be a crime, don't we jail people every day for "ignorance of the law?"

Ms. Silva needs a serious dose of "me" time in jail and then a probation with conditions they stay sober and in treatment. Perhaps then she can piece her life together and put this past her.

Mr. White on the other hand is being invited back to work, probably having his legal defense bills all paid for on the tax payers dime. Also, all police now have one more notch in their belt to embolden them to get away with this behavior in the future.

He was part of the road rage, there can be no doubt about it. He did something that he and his wife did not tell on the witness stand to anger Ms. Silva into that rage. That did not come out because she did not take the stand (on advice from her council).

If any civilian had done what Frank White did, the verdict would have been opposite. So much for equal justice.

Hear, Hear!

There are now three justice systems in America.

One for the rich. They can hire so many lawyers and legal specialists (like Kroll, the ones who whitewashed the corruption in San Diego) that they'll never face justice.

Another for the poor. We all know about this one, where you get railroaded, incompetent defense, and inhuman treatment in prison.

Then there's the super-extra-special justice system for cops and prosecutors. In this system, it's rare they ever get charged for anything whatsoever. Even if a prosecutor willfully withholds evidence and obstructs justice, they cannot be prosecuted themselves by law.

We all know how rare it is for a cop to even be investigated, much less charged...or even more rarely, found guilty.

Looks like they put the victim on trial, and Officer White, who showed brazen cowardice, and dangerous incompetence was not just let free, but given his job back.

What a travesty.

Unfortunately, this is typical. It's why I no longer support cops. I suspect cops.

White should have been tested not only for drugs and alcohol (he'd just come from "a beer or two" with his wife) but also steroids. It is so typical of the "us against them" mentality in law enforcement that they refused to give him equal treatment.

White is a disgrace to the police. If he had any honor whatsoever, he'd resign and move away to another state.

Well Fred, I have less of a problem with the cops, than I do the jury system. After all, the jury that decided he was "not guilty" consisted of NO LAW ENFORCEMENT officers (I'm guessing).

As much as you, and spliff, and others hate the "cops", I hate the system. We really need to do away with the jury system. For people like Robert Blake, Spector, OJ, to have gotten off "the first time" is just an insane travesty of justice. All because they have the money to have specialists come in and BS the jurors.

I can't say any more on the police case, as Ponzi above, has said it all.

It's not cops i hate!!! It's people who abuse their authority because they know they can get away with it!!!! It's not about cops , it's about who is playing the cop!!! You claim you hate the system , but it's the same system that is set up for cops to use their badges to get away with murder , kidnapping , sex scandals , issuing petty tickets and beating up on defenseless children!!! You think we need to get rid of the jury system??? How about getting rid of these damm lawyers!! Make people defend themselves before a judge. I guarantee you there will be more people behind bars that need to be!! The justice system in amerikkka is set up for those who have money to get away with any crime!!! I thought everybody knew that already???

Hey...I actually like that idea, Spliff. Let a person get up there and defend themself, without a lawyer and in front of a judge. There are obviously problems with that, but I like it nonetheless.

POLICE SHOOTING UPDATE: The officer did an interview on one of the local radio shows. He said all the things you'd expect. One being that, had he seen the boy in the car, he would've let her back up and take off his leg before firing. I would've loved to ask him...why did you get out of your car, and risk losing your leg (or life), when there's a wild woman behind the wheel that's "scaring" you? I'd sit in my car, the safest place...call for backup (as they did), and protect your wife the best you could, even with the gun drawn, if need be.

ON TO ANOTHER POLICE SHOOTING: After an Angels game, an off duty cop shot two people (I think one died). He said they were throwing beer bottles at him.

So, he was probably justified in shooting, but really. Think about that. A crowded parking lot, after a game, when a stray bullet could hit anyone...and instead of just calling for backup, writing a license plate number down, or showing the badge...his instinct is to whip out his gun and fire.

Seriously, they're going to need to pass a law that prohibits cops from taking home their serve weapons. They'll have to stay in their locker at work.

white quit> turn to church or therapy before ya kill somebody that turns with out signalling or talking on a cell phone an on an on.......you should be ashamed and in jail......

Man, this is the first time I've disagreed with every comment. Sorry, but you're all wrong on this one. Silva provoked this whole incident by being a druggie lunatic and White did what cops are programmed to do, protect himself and other innocent civilians by getting in between the public and the perpetrator and STOPPING THEM before they hurt someone. The jury came to the right decision and White deserves to get his job back. Fred, you're off-base saying cops never get investigated. They get investigated every time anything questionable happens, as you know very well. If they get the benefit of the doubt, that is as it should be. They have a dangerous and difficult job, protecting the majority of us from the few who would victimize us. They deserve the benefit of the doubt.

I do think cops deserve the benefit of the doubt. But in this case, this cop pulled out his gun and pointed it at her. At that point, all she did was follow him closely and pull up next to him. Right there, he's wrong. An off-duty cop isn't supposed to pull out a gun as a "threat".

And then, he proceeded to get OUT OF his car, which is what endangered his life.

Had he stayed in his car, she backs up and breaks off his mirror. And when the cops show up, he doesn't have to go to court. She gets to go to jail for all kinds of charges.

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