Rapers Wit -- When Women Cry Rape

If some crazy woman accused a male friend of mine of rape, I'd tell them to just laugh it off. Crazy people often make all kinds of claims and people usually dismiss it.

But there seems to be this trend with famous people. And at first, I didn't have a lot of sympathy for them.

I don't think Mike Tyson raped a woman in a hotel room. But he was a brute and a thug, and if his personal life got him thrown in the slammer, oh well.

And I don't think Kobe Bryant raped a woman in a hotel in Colorado.

Now, someone may ask why Kobe settled for a million dollars. Well, aside from that being cheaper than his legal fees would've been, he was married at the time. I'm guessing that even if he had been proven "not guilty" his wife would've heard lots of details that he didn't feel like sharing. It probably would've proved he didn't rape her, but also that he did pursue her. So, he paid off two women (his wife got a $5 million diamond necklace).

So when famous men get caught in these jams, it might be hard for most of us to have sympathy.

But with these latest charges against Ben Roethlisberger, the talented quarterback of the Steelers, being accused of raping an employee of Harrah's Lake Tahoe; I realize something needs to be done.

This womans case has so many holes.

She didn't call police. She didn't report it to anyone. She says now it's because she was just given a promotion and one of her jobs was to "take care of" the VIP guests. But does anyone really buy that?

I think there are three common things that happen with many athletes (or famous men).

They have groupies that are willing to sleep with them, because they're fans.

The second thing that sometimes happens, is they have this confidence about them. They know they're rich and famous, and women usually fall all over them. So when they see a woman they're attracted to, they pursue them vigorously. They might not take no for an answer, initially. Or if the woman claims to be married, that might not slow them down.

Now, that doesn't mean they jump to rape. It just means they don't let up in their pursuit. And I'm guessing some women eventually tell them to get lost. And some women probably end up sleeping with them.

I have seen how these things go down (no pun intended).

As a 14-year-old, I saw two incidents in one year.

After a San Diego Clippers game, I got an autograph from Reggie Theus, my favorite player on the Bulls. He then sat down in his friends car, and they were listening to the radio. A gorgeous woman came up and told him how she had never seen anyone play as well as he did that night. He laughed and said, "What are you talking about? I only scored 12 points, and I played horribly." I was walking away as I glanced back to see her scramble, as she said "Well...uh...okay. I mean, other times I've seen you play. You're an amazing player. What are you doing later tonight?"

I had also won tickets to see a Joe Walsh concert in L.A. at the Wiltern theatre. Backstage passes were included.

I talked my older friend into driving if I paid for gas.

We were told at the box office that they were no longer going to give us backstage passes. I was bummed. I had brought an album for him to autograph, too.

My friend and I decided after the show to see if we could sneak backstage. A huge guy with a red windbreaker refused to let us back, saying "You don't have a laminate. You're not going backstage."

We watched as two women walked backstage. I said, "They don't have backstage passes." He laughed, as my friend said to me "Those two things on their chest...are backstage passes."

So, famous people start to think they can get any woman they want. Many of which approach them first.

And, the last type of woman...and this is extremely rare...probably looks at these guys as a big payday. They might hook-up with them and hope to become a wife or girlfriend. Or, they can claim they were raped, and hit a big payday. (The woman that Tyson "raped" had friends say that she told them before their date, that she hit the "jackpot"; she also invited him up to her room at 2:00 a.m.)

When sportscaster Marv Albert was accused of raping a woman...she had a little more proof. She contacted authorities immediately, and had his teeth marks on her back (as well as DNA).

Well...I figured he was guilty. Until we heard that those two had a long-term relationship (not that you can't rape someone you're in a relationship with). He had ended it and she contacted him, asking that they have one more night together. And she also requested that he bite her.

Again, it's hard to have sympathy for these men when a woman they're with requests you bite, choke, or punch them. And you comply! If a woman asked me to do any of those things, I'd run the opposite direction. In fact, I've run with a lot tamer requests.

David Lee Roth, in his autobiography, talks about a woman he slept with backstage. She kept insisting he spank her. He would, and she kept asking him to do it harder. He said he noticed she had huge red marks on her caused by him.

A few minutes later, the cops were pulling over the tour bus. He figured he was going to jail, and started thinking about his finger prints and if they could get them off her backside.

It turned out they were pulling the bus over because the back of it was on fire.

But here's the thing I can't wrap my mind around. If a woman makes a false allegation of rape, how about authorities throwing the book at them?

I'm thinking of this woman in the Duke lacrosse case. Her allegations cost this team an entire season. Some of them dropped out or were suspended.

And it turned out, she made up the entire story. Yet, her name wasn't revealed. And she didn't serve a day in jail.

And all the people like Jesse Jackson, that talked about the punishment the team should face...and his offer to pay for HER college education -- well, he was nowhere to be found after the truth came out.

If Roethlisberger didn't rape this woman, he should fight the charges. He should counter sue. Because just having this story come up, will probably cost him endorsement deals.

And if the woman turned out to have lied about all this, she should be doing some serious jail time.

And should spend the rest of her life reimbursing Roethlisberger.


Mother who cried rape after meeting man on dating website is jailed for two years By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 3:27 PM on 22nd July 2009 A mother was jailed for two years yesterday for crying rape against a man she met on a dating website. Jennifer Day, 34, who made the false allegation against former boyfriend Andrew Saxby after a row, was told by the judge that she had undermined efforts to treat genuine rape victims fairly and sympathetically. The court also heard that Mr Saxby was subjected to 'degrading and upsetting' examinations while being held by police for ten hours. Judge Ian Graham said the investigation had wasted £4,000 of taxpayers' money and 270 police man hours. He added: 'The police have put great stores on providing sympathetic treatments of women who make genuine complaints of rape and you abused that. 'You have undermined and jeopardised the efforts that are being made about the need to treat genuine victims of rape properly, fairly and sympathetically. 'The offence is in itself a serious one, it has terrible consequences potentially and actually for the victim and wider implications for those women who have genuinely been raped.' Day, a former nurse, from Corringham, Essex, split up with the father of her four-year-old daughter in 2007 after he had an affair with their lodger, Basildon Crown Court heard. She began drinking heavily to cope with the rejection and using dating websites. In September 2007 she met Mr Saxby, who worked for the Ford car company, through the Dating Direct website. They began a relationship, but the court heard that she was also seeing another man. In January last year, the couple rowed after Mr Saxby accused her of having another man at her home. Afterwards, Day dialled 999 and accused Mr Saxby of rape. He was arrested in front of his colleagues and taken to the police station. Judge Graham said: 'It was an extraordinary performance which involved deliberate untruths as the jury found.'

The court heard that Mr Saxby was released without charge after Day dropped the allegation, although she still maintained it was true. She was found guilty of one count of perverting the course of justice last month. During the trial, the court heard how Day had a history of making up stories. The jury was told that while working at Royal London Hospital in East London as a nurse, she suffered stress-related hair loss and led her colleagues to believe it was cancer. Rebecca Lee, mitigating, said Day had been under a lot of strain following the break-up of her relationship with the father of her daughter. She said: 'She got involved with dating websites and going out when her daughter was staying with her former partner, going out to pubs and engaging in what she would call risky behaviour and behaving totally out of character.' Day apologised unreservedly for the allegation, the court heard. But the judge rejected calls to suspend the sentence. 'Mr Saxby is a completely respectable man who had formed a relationship with you and had shown considerable affection and kindness of the kind you said you craved,' he said. 'His reward was to be the subject of this completely false complaint.' Day burst into tears as she was taken down to the cells. The case will re-ignite calls for alleged rapists to be given anonymity until a verdict is delivered. While anyone who claims to be a victim of a sex attack is given anonymity for life, someone charged with rape or sexual assault can be immediately named. Even if the allegations are ultimately proven false, those accused often find their lives turned upside, and find their reputations still suffering even years after the claim. Some have found themselves shunned by their family, friends and community, others have lost their jobs and homes or found themselves the victims of vigilante attacks. One recent victim of false claims said he felt like killing himself during a 'year of being told I'm a rapist'. The two-year prison sentence for Jennifer Day follows calls for longer sentences for women who falsely allege rape. The conviction rate for genuine rapists is low in Britain - just one in 14 cases reported to the police end in conviction - and false accusations will do little to improve what ministers have called a 'culture of scepticism' towards genuine rape victims The courts have begun to recognise the trauma suffered by those who are falsely accused, with one taxi driver whose 'life was ruined' by false claims expected to receive a five figure payout, while a former magistrate who spent two years in jail on false rape charges is currently suing his accuser for £300,000. However victims of false charges say the law needs to immediately grant accusers anonymity until proven guilty.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1201224/Mother-cried-rape-jailed-years.html%3Bjsessionid%3D868B78582A7A1D6D6571091BC6209A6E#ixzz0M1xseROd

Great points, Mindy. But a few clarifications are in order.

First, Pee Wee was never "accused" of anything. He masterbated in a movie theatre. And, he had a collection of child pornography (he pleaded guilty to that charge, but later tried to say it was bogus).

Second, the logic that a guy that can get "any woman" would not resort to rape, does a disserve to rape victims. Because rape isn't a crime always committed by a guy just looking to have sex. I mean, a good way to look at it is OJ Simpson. He killed a woman and another guy, simply because that woman didn't want him anymore. Yet I'm sure you'd agree, OJ had no problem getting women (even after women knew he was a murderer). So why kill Nicole? He should've just moved on to the next attractive blonde he could date and cheat on.

A rapist is going to rape. That might mean he has a wife and kids. It might mean he's good looking and could get any woman, yet he still drugs their drink. It's a crime that is hard to rationally look at, because it's done by pyschos.

Also, you start off by saying "I can see why a woman would cry rape to get money, attention, etc..." Well, I sure can't. Because that is a woman not looking at the big picture.

Let's say you tell a woman that dated Donald Trump, "I can guarantee, if you accuse him of rape, you'll get $10 million. He'll spend 10 years in jail. Even though the charge is false. Would you do it?"

I'd like to think EVERY woman would say "Heck no! I'm not going to put someone in jail for a crime they didn't commit, just because it makes me rich.

Now, what isn't being brought into this scenario, is the woman that might be hoping to become a girlfriend or wife. She might feel used, and her mindset becomes one in which she can justify doing the previous scenario. And that's what I think sometimes happens.

Another one?

Roethlisberger accuser allegedly bragged about sex

The Associated Press 3:57 a.m. August 9, 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger scrambles during the two-minute drill practice at their NFL football training camp in Latrobe, Pa., Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2009. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic) - APRENO, Nev. — The woman suing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for alleged sexual assault has been accused of bragging about having consensual sex with him to a co-worker. Angela Antonetti said the woman who made the rape claim "did not appear to be upset, stressed-out or nervous" about her time with the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback during a 2008 celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe, according to court documents filed late Friday. Antonetti said her Harrah's hotel-casino co-worker "appeared happy and boastful," and later said she thought she might be pregnant from the encounter. Antonetti made the remarks in a sworn statement attached to a motion to move the case from Reno to Minden, Nev. "Rather than indicating that she was afraid or apprehensive about this, (the woman) expressed to me that she was hoping for a 'little Roethlisberger," said Antonetti, who worked with her at Harrah's between 2006 and 2009. Lawyer Cal Dunlap, who represents the woman, declined to comment Saturday. "We'll just deal with it in the lawsuit," he said. In her lawsuit, the 31-year-old Nevada woman says she was working as a VIP hostess during the tournament when the two-time Super Bowl winner raped her in a hotel penthouse across the street from the golf course – a claim he vehemently denies. She also alleges Harrah's officials orchestrated a cover-up, and worked to silence her and undermine her credibility rather than investigate her claims. But the motion, filed by Roethlisberger's Nevada lawyer John Echeverria, says her claims were an attempt to exploit his celebrity status and secure an "extortionate payday." Antonetti said the woman's emotional collapse had nothing to do with a rape but resulted from a failed relationship with a married man and then a long-distance relationship that turned out to be a hoax. Antonetti claims the woman became "very emotionally distraught" afterward, and took a leave of absence from Harrah's. Antonetti says she wanted "to set the record straight" after hearing about the claims against Roethlisberger.

And it turned out, she made up the entire story. Yet, her name wasn't revealed. And she didn't serve a day in jail.

And all the people like Jesse Jackson, that talked about the punishment the team should face...and his offer to pay for HER college education -- well, he was nowhere to be found after the truth came out.

This woman was mentally unstable, and her name was plastered ALL over the news when the truth finally came out. Nifong should have never brought charges in that case, he was the biggest problem in that case.

It wasn't just Jesse J who made all the opening comments of guilt at Duke-it was actually the university and many of the professors. Once the truth canme out not a single one apologized.

Duke did end up paying the three millions in damages-but even millions does not erase the damage that woman, Nifong and the univesity did in that case.

A true train wreck from the start.

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