Panic in Detroit...errr, New York

Someone suggested I blog about this politician that switched sides. I'm just so not into politics and the BS games they play. I still laugh when I hear that goofy voice of Joe Lieberman (I just thought of something -- You don't have Lieberman without a "lie").

I thought I should probably blog about the Swine Flu. But just as Paris Hilton said when she was caught by the TMZ cameras, when expressing her lack of concern on the matter: "I don't eat those."

I wonder if that means she eats other diseases, like leprosy (which I'm guessing tastes like chicken).

I thought it would be more fun to talk about the idiotic flyover that Air Force One did in New York City.

Ever since 9/11, we've had to take our shoes off at airports. We've had to look at people with turbans in airports and whisper and make faces.

And, we worry when we're in buildings and see low flying planes!!!

How does this administration not realize that?

I heard various reports that the FAA had ordered local officials, including the police department, not to alert the public in advance.

I can understand that they might've thought that yahoos would've gone out with laser pointers or helium balloons, in order to take down the Presidents plane. But you'd think they might want people to know that they don't have to worry when the window of their office starts shaking and they look out and see a plane wizzing by.

I initially heard a report that it was some kind of training. But, we know now that it was for photographs. They wanted pictures of Air Force One alongside the New York City skyline, including a shot of it near the Statue of Liberty.

Now, as anyone will tell you...I'm the worst on computers. I'm like an 80-year-old lady trying to figure out the DVD player.

But even I know about photo-shop features that can be done on computer.

I'm guessing those idiots out there that think 9/11 was an inside job, probably played with photos to help bolster their stupid case.

Or they at least had fun and made Air Force One flying into the World Trade Center.

I'm getting ready for bed, and I hear now on the news that President Obama is furious. Now, really...what were the reports out of the White House supposed to be? That he said "Come on, people. Chill out. We wanted a quick photo. The Blue Angels do this kind of thing all the time."


Yeah, that was a BAD idea. Just in case anybody missed it:

There are several vids of it on YouTube. Here's one:

How terrifying for New Yorkers. Just looking at the video is scary.

I wonder if there will be any lawsuits due to people having heart attacks.

I live under the flight path here in SD and still get a little freaked with especially those deafening, low coasting heavy freighters! Having been there for 9/11 I can more than imagine people's reactions. Not cool.

I grew up in Mira Mesa, and we always had to listen to the Blue Angels a few times a year at Miramar. Those dudes are loud!

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