Chargers Steel Gamblers Money

Well, I did what you should do when you're in Hawaii. I went into the Red Lion to watch the Chargers give away another game to the Steelers.

It was the third place I had been to where I got 4 or 5 Cokes, only to see the waitress charged me for all of them. I guess they don't do refills on the islands. Or tell you that they're charging you when you keep ordering them. I didn't mind as much, because I was watching football and had the table for a few hours. At another restaurant I was angrier, especially since I said the Coke tasted weird, and it wasn't until the 3rd one (that still tasted weird), that she tells me it's an island brand soda.

But back to the Chargers.

When Steeler Troy Polamalu (the guy with the crazy hair coming out of his helmet) scored that touchdown to end the game, (that refs didn't say counted), my stepbrother and I both wondered why it didn't count. It was another game with refs blowing a call. But, since the Steelers went from winning by 7 points to 1, it really didn't matter.

The next day I said, "Hey...I bet the line on that game was 5 or 6 points. That play probably affected some gamblers."

That night on a sports show, they said $100 million was lost because of that. There were a few people that won, but very few. Taking the Steelers, at home and favorited by 4 points, with as bad as the Chargers have been playing, was a bet most took. And, they won. If the call had been made correctly.

In the past I'd be screaming about this. But, when I lost $100 on a boxing match that everyone agreed had a wrong decision, I learned something the hard way that night. That when you gamble, aside from you "gambling" your money on athletes and a game in which anything can happen, you also have to take the refs (and in boxing, refs and Don King are a bad mix) into consideration.

I never again made a sports bet that big. The most I'll bet is $25.

So anyone that lost big money, I have two questions for you. How did you not realize this happens? (remember the Charger game earlier this season that an official cost them?) And two...why are you betting against the Chargers. What's up with that?


First baseball, now its our football team that's not playing well, I have to ask whats going on here man?

Josh, are you eating Spam Musubi and plate lunches?

I saw Spam on a few of the menus, and I had heard years earlier, that they love Spam on the island. I've never tried Spam. I never will.

I'm addicted to pineapple, though.

I had a raw coconut, and that was the most disgusting thing I've ever had.

Isn't gambling illegal? I know in some states, some forms of gambling have been legalized . . . but anyone who gambles should know the definition: "to stake or risk money, or anything of value, on the outcome of something involving chance . . big word being "RISK" . . . I am not big into gambling, so I don't have a lot of empathy or sympathy for the ones who "lost" big because of a bad ref call . . .bad ref calls happen ALL THE TIME!

Good point, beano. Or is it Bean 08 ?

I can see gamblers being upset by that, because if you are so sure of what team will cover the spread (Mmmmm...spread), you place money on it, and you were right. But then a bad call nulified it, that's frustrating. But it's why my stepbrother taught me "never bet more than you can afford to lose." I've used that logic, and been happy I had.

that would be a "zero" ... Bean08....I am number 8 of 9 kids ~ is that TMI?? I am new to the blog concept!

BTW, I do enjoy your blogs ~ some very interesting topics.

Thanks for the kind words!

I figured it was "08". I was just being a smart ass.

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