The Prom Police

A few prom stories in the news.

Every year there are a few prom stories that pop-up. It's usually a couple of guys that want to go the prom together. The school wigs out. The ACLU gets involved, saying gay couples should be allowed the same rights.

Last weekend I ran into a bunch of high school students hitting a prom near Horton Plaza. One kid was lost and asked me directions.

Then at 1:00 a.m. I saw a bunch of kids that rented a limo to their prom. They were hanging out in the parking lot of 7-11 in San Marcos. Hey, you can't blame them. They shelled out big bucks for the limo. And, if you have it a certain amount of time, why go home?

I've heard a few radio stations talking about a problem in Rancho Bernardo. Apparently some kids tried to smuggle booze into their prom. And, some Einstein there figured it would be best to check under the girls dresses for people sneaking it in. Nice.

Then, there's the girl that got arrested. She wore a revealing outfit. The school said no. They told her she could change and come back. She said no. The police were called.

Of course, headlines make it sound like the school was crazy for calling the cops. But she wouldn't leave, and was creating a scene. And, if they put their hands on her, they'd be in trouble. So, they let the cops do the dirty work.

I'm glad the principal is African-American, because this girl would've surely played the race card. And, I'm sure her parents (or, parent), will have a lot to complain about regarding the school. Instead of wondering why her daughter was wearing an outfit to a formal, that would barely be legal at the beach.


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