Movie Complaints

My complaint on the rating system, and movie commercials.

I've complained so much about people talking in movie theatres, the price of a 32 oz. Coke, and countless other things. But, I wanted to go a different direction this time.

I saw the movie The Visitor the other night. It was good. Not great, but enjoyable.

My first problem was as I watched it, I realized I had seen so much in the trailers at other movies. I understand they need people to get interested in the characters and story (especially a movie where the most well-known actor, most will only know from his two minute scene in There's Something About Mary).

But, it really killed so many moments that would've been fun to see for the first time. (SPOILER ALERT)

Knowing the detained characters mom comes to town. The guy walking in on a woman in his bathtub. The character taking up the African drum, after countless attempts to learn the piano.


My second complaint, was when I looked at the newspaper the next day. I wanted to see what other films were at the Landmark Theatre, and I noticed The Visitor was rated PG 13. I couldn't believe it.

This movie had no nudity. It had no sex scenes, or even implied ones. It had, maybe 3 or 4 curse words, tops.

And, it didn't even have adult subject matter. It was all about learning musical instruments, deportation, boring jobs, etc.

Don't get me wrong. Nobody under 13 would care about this movie. Hell, nobody under 25. But still.

Why is our ratings system such a mess?

They created NC17, because the X rating ended up meaning pornography (a lot of people forget, a movie like Midnight Cowboy was actually rated X).

NC17 was supposed to mean that it's stronger in content than an R. And no children would be allowed in, even with their parents (the way kids can come into R rated films with them, which still blows me away).

I understand a movie can only have a G rating if it's really for kids in every aspect. And that's fine.

But, since they felt the need to add a PG13, because PG wasn't enough, the least they can do is get it right.


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