New Year's Resolution Rant

Why are New Year's resolution stories always the same?

When something happens in the news -- like Mel Gibson being arrested and ranting like Hitler -- my friends ask me why it has to be covered as extensively as it is. And, I always explain how big a story it is. And how each network is doing THEIR version of the story, and trying to up the others. Same with all forms of media.

But, where the media loses me, are these stories on New Year's resolutions. I guess it wouldn't bother me, if they did them each year. But, it's the fact that each year, it's always the same: losing weight and giving up cigarettes.

They have some doctor on the news talking about weight loss. They show people at the gym. Or those pictures of fat people walking, from the neck down, so we don't see their faces (imagine them at work the next day, telling co-workers...."Uh, no, that wasn't me on the news. Sure, it was the same shirt I have. Same body type, but no...wasn't me. You couldn't see the face, you can't prove it.")

They tell you not to set unrealistic goals, like losing 50 pounds. They say to be happy with five. But with the smoking, they never say to cut down from two packs, to two cigarettes, a day. It's always to stop completely.

I swear, they could take the same story they ran from last year, and just rerun in.

Maybe the news directors resolution, should be stories that are different from other stories they've already aired.


I went to the gym yesterday and wondered how many people were there because of a self proclaimed resolution.

I enjoy the "best" of or "biggest" stories of the year (2007 currently) although a friend of mine stated he was sick of even seeing those run over and over.

I say run "Chocolate Rain" and Miss Teen USA's, Miss South Carolina's "As Such" all the way into the new year.

Some stories I saw ran suprised me because I thought they had happened a few years ago, not just this year.

I'm claiming New Years Revolution on New Years Resolutions.

Well, I'm not a TV guy. But here's the thing. I always like to's like my Crasher column about parties. I didn't write about any New Year's parties this year. I do that every year, and just thought I'd give it a rest this year. Now, I won't ever do that on Halloween, because there's always enough variety with costumes, and themes, that the story is different enough. If it's TV, I'd say to the reporter "'re doing a resolution story. Can you find me someone other than a person smoking like a chimney, or a fat couple trying to lose weight? Give me some different resolutions, and I'll go with the story." I might even offer some suggestions for them, on possible resolutions to seek out. Then, the story can start the same, it has that same appeal for the viewers, but it's different and (hopefully) more entertaining.

How about some suggestions. Its easy to criticize someone else who has to come up with ideas. What would be your interesting or clever new years stories?

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