'Canes Breeds Fun

The Breeders performance at 'Canes.

I read a story in one of the smaller, local rags. It knocked 'Canes as a music venue, which I thought was insane. The point of the article, was the tribute bands.

Hey, the Belly Up and Casbah have tribute bands, too. Even the theatres like Spreckles book Beatles and Pink Floyd tribute acts.

And I have to think that booking live bands each night would be tough to do without tribute bands (not to mention, they draw well).

But last night, The Breeders played 'Canes. I'm sure that's a band that's hip enough for that other paper. They have Kim and Kelley Deal, both very highly regarded in the alternative music scene.

And, they sounded great. Aside from all their usual hits and songs everyone knows (my favorite has always been No Aloha's).

They did one of the best covers I've ever heard of a Beatles tune -- Happiness is a Warm Gun. Which, was all the more powerful when they sing about "needing a fix," and knowing that heroin addiction played a part in the bands history.

'Canes always has lots of parking, which is great.

Their bartender upstairs, and the one downstairs, are two of the nicest guys. For some reason, I always come across bartenders that have attitude. These dudes don't.

I stayed after the Breeders set, and Kelley was out talking to the crowd. She took pictures with everyone. She signed a baseball for a fan, which she said was weird. Not as weird as the two guys that wanted her to write a note to their friend who missed the show. They said, "Write on there that he's lame. And the bike he bought is stupid." She was reluctant, but did.

Bassist Mando walked by. His wife is pregnant, and I said congratulations. He thanked me, and we talked music for a bit. I said, "I wonder if your wife thinks she feels the baby kicking, and then realizes it's just the bass drum."

The club was packed. But there was no pushing, no fights, a good time was had by all.

And, I just kept wondering what hip band was playing the Casbah. I glance at the Reader in my car, and see that Buckfast Superbee and Fluf are playing there. Good bands, but they seem to play there ever other week.

I guess that's cooler than tribute bands. Or The Breeders.


I'm happy Kim Deal formed The Breeders and was able to focus the majority of her attention on this group even through all the crap the Pixies went though.

I don't know why, but I've never been much into the Pixies or Frank Black. Great songwriter, but...the songs just don't grab me the way they should.

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