99 Red Balloons

A priest walks into a bar....and wants to buy hundreds of balloons!

So, I first heard morning radio shows yesterday talking about a Roman Catholic priest in Brazil that wanted to break a record by floating with the most helium balloons. My first thought was -- is this a record against other bishops and priests? Is there a separate Guinness Book of World Records?

Then I saw the clip on CNN. The Rev. Adelir Antonio de Carli had hundreds of balloons take him and his chair up into the....uh...not so friendly skies.

He was wearing a thermal suit, helmet, and parachute.

Now, to be more fun, I think he should've, right before take off, sucked in some of the helium. He could've made one last announcement in that funny helium voice.

Anyway, off he went, like Curious George used to do.

Now, here's the problem.

Nobody knows where he is now. Winds blew him over the ocean, and boaters found pieces of the balloon. But, no sign of him.

I think he floated up to heaven.


You are kidding! Why would anyone do that let alone a priest!! Lucky him if he did got to heaven. Although I have a feeling he'll wash up on a shore somewhere.

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