The Lowe Down

Going to L.A. to see Nick Lowe, and how songwriters get rich.

So, my buddy Doug is trying to get me to go up to L.A. Tuesday to see Nick Lowe in concert. Who is he, you ask. Well, he had this great pop song in the late 70s called "Cruel to be Kind."

But, he was in this band Rockpile that we both like (with Dave Edmunds). And, he's written a few other songs that were hits for other people (most popular was "What's So Funny (about peace, love, and understanding)", that my second favorite Elvis (Costello) covered.

I told Doug I dig Lowe, but not enough for an L.A. trip.

I googled him to read more and possibly convince myself. And, I found a few things interesting. Johnny Cash covered a lot of his songs, after he married June Carter Cash's daughter.

But, here's the most interesting thing. And the reason why we should've stuck with the piano lessons our parents forced us to take.

That song I mentioned that Costello covered, well, somebody covered it for the movie The Bodyguard in 1992. So, he got a percentage of what that soundtrack album made (even though he didn't sing or play bass on that version, he merely wrote the song).

He made millions from that. How? Well, it had that other cover of a Dolly Parton song, by Whitney Houston. That annoying thing that goes...."and I, I....will always...love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....."

He should send her a big thank you card.

Or a big bag of crack.

I'm sure she'd appreciate either.


Yeah, I love that song. A lame movie called 200 Cigarettes used it 10 years ago. I bought the soundtrack, because it had all these great songs (like Joe Jackson's IT'S DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS).

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