Van's the Man

My opinion of Van Morrison.

Is there anything greater than hearing Van Morrison on the radio? Oh damn. I started that like one of those lame columns Larry King does, where he has non-sequitars about the stupidest stuff. He'll have a sentence that reads: Is there a better actor alive than Meryl Streep? Why is it when you buy pizza by the slice, it always tastes better?

Now, here I am starting something with a line like that about Van Morrison. But, everyday that I'm in my car, going thru the radio stations (sure, I listen to CDs too, but it's more fun not knowing what song will come on next). I'll always hear Brown Eyed Girl on the classic rock or oldies stations. And after seeing countless cover bands in bars, I still haven't gotten tired of it. Then, there's Moondance. This might be the best song ever recorded (sorry Stairway to Heaven fans). It blends poetry, jazz, and rock. It's a thing of beauty. Sometimes a radio station will surprise me, and play Crazy Love, Into the Mystic, or Tupelo Honey. Also beautiful ballads. Then, there's some uptempo songs like Wild Nights, Domino, Blue Money and from his old days fronting the band THEM, you have Baby Please Don't Go, Here Comes the Night, and if you're lucky, you hear Mystic Eyes. What a riff that song has. I remember in 9th grade talking about Van Morrison with a friend, and a substitute teacher said, "Check out his song TB Sheets. It's long, but very bizarre; about someone dying of tuberculoses."

I remember in 6th grade arguing with a kid on the playground about which rock song that mentions a womans name is the best. My friend said Jenny Jenny. I said My Sharona. Another kid said Mandy by Barry Manilow. I think he ended up getting his head dunked into the toilet. A teacher overheard us and said "Gloria is a thousand times better than any of those songs." I realize now, he was right.

I met a guy at a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe that is from Ireland, and knows Van. He tells me the guy has a lot of mental issues. I knew that when I read an interview in Rolling Stone, in which he ran out of the pub and the reporter had to literally chase him down. Before the interview started. But, as I told my friends that couldn't believe how much I love the other Morrison (Jim), when they call him a druggie loser...I don't care what they did on their off time. I like the songs they created. If they are (were) drunken jerks to their friends, well, I'm glad I'm just listening to them on the radio, and not listening to their drunken blather in a pub.


Jay, Jay, Jay. How could you list all those Beatles songs, and the GNR song My Michelle, without listing the Beatles "Michelle"? Have you gone mad? And, Bow Wow Wow is my favorite 80s band. But, you can't say "I Want Candy" is by them, when they covered it. Shame on you. As a music lover yourself, you know that's a no-no.

More rock songs w/women's names in the title:

My Michelle - Guns N Roses Rosanna - Toto Sara- Bob Dylan Sara - Fleetwood Mac My Sarah - Thin Lizzy Sarah - Jefferson Starship Sara Smile - Hall and Oates Vera - Pink Floyd Layla - Clapton/Dominoes Eleanor - the Turtles Lola - The Kinks Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly Barbara Ann - The Beach Boys Lucille - Kenny Rogers Lucille - Little Richard Priscilla - Meatloaf Waltzing Matilda - Rod Stewart Lady Madonna - The Beatles Alison - Elvis Costello. Goodnight Elizabeth - Counting Crows Anna Begins - Counting Crows Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson Sandy - John Travolta (From Grease). Annie's Song - Arlo Guthrie A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash Roxanne - the Police Laura - Scissor Scistors Kayleigh - Marillion Eleanor - Franz Ferdinand My Diana - Paul Anka Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond Wendy - Beach Boys Delilah - Tom Jones/Sensational Alex Harvey Plaster Caster - Kiss Oh Carol - Desmond Decker Louise - Dean Martin Jolene - Dolly Parton Candy - Morphine Grace - Supergrass/Jeff Buckley Amie - Damien Rice Clare - Fairground Attraction Talullah - Jamiroquai Jenny Was a Friend of Mine- the Killers Jenny From The Block - Jennifer Lopez Oh Jean- the Proclaimers Yes, Anastasia- tori amos I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Srones Angie- Rolling Stones Help Me Rhonda - Beach Boys See Emily Play - Pink Floyd Pictures of Lily - the Who Sylvia's Mother - Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners Long Tall Sally - Little Richard Lucille - Little Richard Ramblin' Rose - Burrito Bros Proud Mary - Ike & Tina Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly Cathy's Clown Nikita - Elton John Lyla - Oasis Oh Carolina - Shaggy Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkel Veronica - Elvis Costello Jennifer - The Eurythmics Jennifer Eckels - Hollies Julie Do Ya Love Me - Bobby Sherman Valleri - the Monkees

Beatles: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Sexy Sadie Lady Madonna Eleanor Rigby Lovely Rita Julia Dear Prudence

Hey you put Lady Madonna in the non Beatles list. Nice to see a Damien Rice song included.

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