Light My Fire

Some of my observations on the fires and how they're reported.

Well, it used to be when I would forget and leave my sunroof open on my car, it always rained. Murphy's Law.

I washed my car the day before the fires, and the next day it was covered in ash. But, since my home in San Marcos was almost evacuated, I consider myself very lucky.

But, with all the seriousness of these fires, I thought I would make some observations on this blog that I found amusing.

Gerald Rivera, rushing out to El Cajon to cover stories. His mustache is as goofy as ever. I think it was a fire hazard. And, I noticed he has tattoos on both arms. How idiotic is this guy?

Arnold Schwarzenneger was making the rounds. President Bush will be here tomorrow. Of course, all the Democrats will knock them being here as a PR move. But if they weren't here, the same people would be knocking 'em for not doing anything.

Someone on my street, that's been having a few room additions added to their house, had the Latino laborers putting stucco on the walls yesterday. It was such a bizarre sight. Ash flying thru the air, with them working away.

I think the news isn't doing a good enough job of giving us a variety of facts and info. It's all the same thing over and over.

I heard a few funny things. One lady reporting from the sight of a fire was finished. When the cameras were off and they went back to the talking heads at the station, her mic was still on. And, you hear her say "Something bit me! Did you see that, I got bit!" The newscasters smiled as they continued on.

I heard another reporter say "Today isn't a good day for a fire."

He's right. I think November 5th would be a much better day for one.


People have already started fireworks here. But thankfully no fires. How can you carry on as normal when the danger is so close?

I agree with fifi...morons...but I also remember when 9/11 happened and I was living near Dulles Airport. Same news coverage over every network...obviously I'm not trying to compare 9/11 to these fires, but some variances in the news business would be nice. It's the same thing here. CNN International and BBC World News sound like reruns every morning....

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