Ho Ho Ho!

Being offended by Christmas related things.

My friend just sent me a story about a Santa Clause in Sydney, Australia that was told not to say "Ho Ho Ho" because it might be offensive, since a "Ho" is sometimes what people call prostitutes.

If this isn't PC times getting way out of hand.

They apparently told the Santa to instead say "Ha ha ha". My first thought is that some poor kid that doesn't have any toys, tells of the things he wants, and Santa says "Ha ha ha..." and the little boy tells his friends, "Santa is a jerk. I told him all the toys I didn't have and what I wanted and he mocked me, saying 'ha ha ha'!!!"

I'm also wondering what's next. Is Santa not going to be allowed to wear red, because it's one of the gang colors...the crips or the bloods? (I forget which, since I was a Jewish kid; I went from running with a gang called the Warlords, to one called the Landlords -- we were the most feared in the land!)

What about Santa's belt? It might be offensive to fat people, diabetics, or kids that were whipped by abusive fathers.

Enough with all the PC BS everybody! I'm from a Jewish family. And you know what? There's nothing I love more, then walking by a store that has Christmas lights everywhere. Even if they don't have a Manora. And even if they have them up a month early.

If you're that offended by the stores lights or their fake Santa, don't go in. Do all your Christmas...errr, holiday shopping, at 7-11. Just be warned, their store colors are green and red!


What's a goy? And I'm too set in my ways to be THAT PC...it's way over done already....

Man...I just got home. It's midnight, and my answering machine has this angry Jewish lady (my mom), telling me my grandma is spinning in her grave (which is...uh, impossible, since she was cremated), because I spelled menorah wrong. I spell all the Jew words wrong. And I blame it on Hanukkah. I mean, they have like 5 ways to spell that!!!

I call 'em Jew words. Just to torture my wonderful grandmother from where ever she might be. Simply because she loved Larry King, and when I'd ask how she could possibly like such an idiot, she'd say "Well...he's Jewish." And, she once said, "How could Maury Povich have married Connie Chung?" I said, "Uh...Grandma, don't you have that backwards?" So....I say "Jew words," not Hebrew. By the way, it's a horrible sounding language, isn't it? When I hear people speaking it, it's like they're chewing ona mazto ball or something!!!

And...my grandma used to swear she loved matzo ball soup. I mean, really. What's there to love about it? It has absolutely no flavor? It's like a big thing of, unflavored bread, floating in your soup.

That reminds me....great book by David Brenner (great Jewish comedian) called "Waiter? There's a Terrorist in My Soup"

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