Poor Parenting

Jamie Lynn Spears and getting lost looking for a Christmas tree.

So, the parent that you hear made fun of right now is Britney Spears mom. That's because, her second daughter, Jamie Lynn, is pregnant at age 16. And, we already know about the job she did with Britney.

Jamie, though, is on a kids TV show. That's probably the end of that career. Jamie also has had a 20-year-old boyfriend. She met him when she was 13.

Of course, the state should charge some people, since she's a minor. But they won't. They'll let her be a mom like Britney, and we'll have another kid growing up with horrible parents, that will become OUR problem.

Oh, and Britney and Jamie's mom is probably most upset by the fact that this killed her book deal (it was on parenting, if you can believe that).

Another story in the news, has me wondering. A guy took his three kids out looking for a Christmas tree. They got lost and stranded, out in snow for three days. They were all found alive, which is great.

I just hope the family is now charged for the amount it cost to have helicopters and rescue efforts made.

I'm wondering, also, the legalities of chopping down a Christmas tree, since that's what he said he was doing on his quest to find the "perfect" tree.

If he was searching for the perfect Christmas tree, well, I know where he could've found one. At one of the many lots that sells Christmas trees. It's hard to get lost in their parking lots.


A few updates: They are now talking about charging this guy. In Louisianna, where they date, surprisingly, laws are more strict than here.

And, Jamie Lynn Spears mom has already agreed with a tabloid, for a million bucks, they will get the exclusive first photos of the baby.

This woman deserves the worst mom of the year award. Hands down.

16 is not 18....age of consent...let's string him up...;-)

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