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Remakes, TV shows, and unoriginal films.

I've seen thousands of movies over the years. And, I probably average two movies a week. The thing I can't figure out is why they make so many bad movies. For example, Hairspray. It's okay. But, was making it even necessary? They already had a movie and a play. And, watching John Travolta was just one big distraction the entire time. They did a similar thing with The Producers. It was a great movie when it originally showed up in the late 60s. Then it became a play/musical on Broadway. That makes sense. But then...another movie like the play? And a bad one at that.

Gene Wilder was in the original Producers. And, he was in the original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. When the poorly reviewed remake with Johnny Depp showed up, critic Roger Ebert said something along the lines of "I don't know why they remake good movies. We can still watch the original. If Hollywood has run out of ideas, they should remake the bad movies, and make them good this time around."

But instead, I look at the paper this morning to pick a movie. I see yet another super hero film (Underdog). I see other sequels (the bourne whatever, rush hour 3, etc).

I saw the new boxing/writing movie with Samuel Jackson. It was okay.

In this day and age, an original movie that is "okay"...is what I consider a victory at the theatres.

And that's sad.


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