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Neighbors with loud dogs

Aside from all the news on Michael Vick and his dog fighting charges, I read a story in the paper about someone shooting a dog in a backyard at 4:45 a.m. The guy that owned the dog worked for a humane society and he's devastated. And, the public will feel bad for this guy. Well, I do not. Sure, I feel bad for the dog. It's a small animal doing what animals do. But this guy has his dog in the backyard at 4 in the morning, when people sleep. I seriously doubt someone shot the dog for a reason other than it was loud. Is that right? No way. The person should be locked up for years (with pit bulls and no gun). But why do people with barking dogs never do anything about them? Even when you tell your neighbor nicely, in a civil manner, they get defensive. They tell you it's their "right" to have a pet. And, they do nothing about it.

I had a place in Mira Mesa, and when I called noise abatment, they told me I needed at least two neighbors to sign the thing (they want to make sure you aren't just making something up). Well, that's impossible. All my neighbors have dogs.

So, what choice does a person have in these matters? I say, if you try being polite, and you get nowhere....don't hurt the animal. Don't damage their property or key their car. But, fight fire with fire. Mow your yard at 3 a.m. Maybe whip out the leaf blower when you finish (borrow one if you must). The cops will surely show up. The neighbor won't have the balls to confront you. Explain to the cops why you are doing it. He/she will tell you you're wrong. Tell them, you will continue, until they chill out with the dog barking.

If it escalates, and you some how end up getting arrested, call me. I'll drop the bail.

And I'll bring my loud boom box.


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