that sketch offered

Imagehttp://media.sdreader.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2010/May/12/myfavoritephotoofTerry.jpg" />

this is the only sketch i can find so far ...still looking...just fooling around with a friend

he was a looker for an older guy eh


Looks a little like the guy who plays Dr. House on television.

Hugh Laurie? http://www.univie.ac.at/cga/art/inside-laurie.jpg

Maybe a little. I love Hugh Laurie. He's one of those rare men who actually becomes MORE interesting when he opens his mouth.

(The unexpected British accent emerges. Always a good thing.)


Nice work, nan!! I get a cross between Hugh Laurie and Jake Gyllenhaal.


Not a bad combo. I'd take either.

no wonder i like Hugh Laurie so much Refried...this man was a tall lanky rough hued Irishman..who loved to fish and caught a plethora of women..myself included

auntie G...this man was not an intellectual...altho he was smart as a whip...he was a laugher ...a magical man so full of blarney u wouldn't be hungry for a week!!!

u'd have loved him Grantie...ur have just the right kind of ribald wit that would have had him in stitches

thx Joe dear...and i love ur car blog...that car was a stunner!!!

thankee Cuddles...the man just stood up and out ~~sigh~~

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