A Treatise On A KIss/Poetic Prose

checking out the poetry area here today inspired me to publish this ole thing...hahaahahahahaha

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A treatise "Who Thinks About Kissing"

Intimate Delightful Sensuous Fun Kisses

Well after you learn how at whatever age who spends a lot of time thinking about kisses. Maybe women do ?.......

hmmm let's see. Well you do learn don't slobber! You learn do not embrace so hard she can hardly breathe. You learn not to bang teeth or I hope you did.

Sigh! Leaving her BREATHLESS is a whole 'nother thing.

There is that first kiss. Perhaps just exploring.... Definitely making Promises A promise of passion? A promise of tenderness? A question?

Sometimes the first is powerful and insistent a prelude to sex in the next moments. Then power and passion and insistence, whew. Regardless Listen.

A perfunctory kiss.

Hell kiss your aunt not me.

Concentration and my full attention that is my intention. Part her lips slowly feel every movement. Caress her lips caress her tongue. A girl if she wants to be kissed I believe WANTS to be KISSED and it deserves all I can bring. She is making promises too.

Bring your best game and the promise will not be never again.

Kisses of passion an imitation and the rhythm of lovemaking ahh power, lust good stuff . Kisses over every inch..... but this about the kissing of lips... tongues entwined gently.... she perhaps sucks on your tongue or you hers....... Tingles ooohhh!!!

More sighs! There is that slow passionate kiss in the sweet after glow. A tender thank you? A question again sweet Lady?

And that parting kiss.... Do not ignore this one.... I think two.... One to remind her of passion... and one slow..... thanks please do come back..... Hard to let you go.... hard to part.

The Bard "such sweet sorrow" eh?

this was written by a talented friend.......

this is my reply

don't fail to embrace her and kiss her with such force that she CAN'T breathe....... removed all the oxygen from her universe.......and replace it with only the heady fragrance of your eager lips.....

when you slip your indulent tongue inside her mouth....she may nip it....leaving a tiny wound for joyful remembering......still further bite your lower lip...with fierceness and resolve.....for she is in need of your mouth's masterful ministrations ......

neither heaven nor hell can resist this kind of kiss......an artful kiss is the messinger of the savage and sweet bodily intriques that will come......

leave her while she's dreaming....intoxicated....and unaware of your stealthy departure....no matter the conclusion.....the kiss is reward enough....to last her a lifetime.....



i can go on can't i....hahahahahahahahahaha

this was publish in Open Forum...i don't know why..therefo9re i think few if any read it...trying again in poetry and prose ♥

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