Come Hither Lil Poetess

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it seems our dear SDaniels is a fine and exciting poet...far better then i could ever hope to be

dang it!

so i hope to lure her here with my paltry offering...but it is attractive in the pic huh?...

to ask her to gift us with more of her beautiful tomes

u can read one of hers in the "Two poems by Nicanor Parra" poetry section of the READER...the lively intellectual comments that follow r a feast in themselves

come on SDaniels...Rumi and i r beckoning...create a poetry corner with one of ur poems here today


nan, turning and burning!!! One hot poem!!!

my usual poetic persona Cuddles...but where the heck is SDaniels

I'm a little slow these days, sorry, nan! So you are absolutely smoking something to have elevated me to better poet than you! I appreciate the "coming out" blog, though--very sweet, 'deed!

You'll have to give me a day or two on the posting of another poem. They have to be typed out, as paper copies are all I have left after disks compromised by virus picked up in France (ooooh those Fraaannnche viruses!) There won't be a heck of a lot to share, but I will try to find something for you, dear.

Ooooh dang, a Franche virus, that's sounds tasty.

thx hunny(SDaniels) for comin' u know i got 4 years of poetry deleted last September and the place i backed them up got hacked too

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh well i had to eat my words about my work being throw away poetry on that one....hahhahahahahahahaha

no worries kiddo...when ever...i hope peeps have gone to see ur poem at the poetry area of the READER...if they haven't they're missin' some good s***!!

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