Mean Kitties Do Rule Peanut Butter Jelly Rap

hope ya like it


had to do it....hahahahahahahahaha

and this one is for u Quillpena

More like this:


Heehee. The first one is cute for about THE FIRST 30 SECONDS. Little repetitive, ain't it there, nanners?

As for the Mean Kitty (Sparta), I've been following him and his owner Corey "Mr. Safety" Williams and Corey's fiancee/wife Stephanie for a couple years now. Even watched their wedding.

Here's Sparta (and Loki's) channel:

And here's Corey's April Fool's video (starring Loki):


Hah! Love Sparta now. Especially his peeking over the top of the chair. Those big cat eyes!

Thanks, nan.

Thanks for reminding me of Sparta! Believe it or not, I had just fallen asleep with the computer in my lap, and Mica at my feet. Something spooked him, and he scrambled up and jumped, mangling my foot in the process with three neat, deep puncture wounds. Nice claws, Mica! And they were just clipped...

Agree with AG on the other. Should come with label warning: may cause schizophrenia ;)

Thanks, nan!! I just got sucked into "mean kitty" world and didn't want to leave. This guy's funny and cute to boot!! And his owner's not so bad, either....

I was thinking same, MsG. Good booty-shaking. Must be gay. ;)

Ooops, looks like AG's post cleared that up, he's engaged. :))

Magicsfive, those hungry kitties were so cute!!!!

antiG...i just found Sparta and Corey...and loved the cat rap and the cat..i just subscribed thx to u...what a cat lover that guy is!!!

and he's not hard to look at!!!

peanut butter and jelly does get old quick but i just loved the boneless cat look...ouch!!!.. right after the video that cat had to see the Chiropractor

tell me what is the significance of feline peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat

was up wid dat!!

magic fives...that is a very cute video...that kitten jumping out of the dryer was funny

thx for the input hunny

quillpena...i thought of u immediately with that Mean Kitty one...altho i don't think he could hold a candle to Tundra....:=)

Grantie...i dolf my tiger skin cap to all u kitty ladies and guys...ur exercise with ur cat video blog made me think of this..hi to the photogenic Peanut

Cuddles...hahahahahahaha...straight men can dance...was up wid ur kitties of late??

SDaniels...BAD MICA!!!

and i won't let my sis watch that peanut butter one when she visits


Cats with their swishing tails can be so dangerous even after their nails are cut ;-)

Re #8/Cory & Stephanie: They got married last year.

(She's gorgeous, as you might expect.)

Good heavens, Nan - your profile photos are lovely!

NANNERS! You're pretty darn gorgeous, your own self!

Love the NEW new avatar pic.


Haha! Ya beat me to it, Jay.

I nominate nan for "Surprise Hottie of the Year."


I always knew you were beautiful, nan. xxxxxx

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...thx peeps..i just followed SDaniels lead to prove i'm old...hahahahahahahaha

and as u can see tough as nails in a skinny sort of way ;-)

and i haven't had a lifestyle lift either!!

now u can understand why Pistol Pete asked me to marry him...hahahahahaha

nan, I've never much cared what you look like, but I've always appreciated who you are. The most important and attractive things about you will always be in your words, your kindness, and in the playful way you interact with all of us. If you're foxy, then that's just gravy on the prime rib :)

and i have the Prime Ribs to prove it Refried...but ur's so very unimportant eh..the looks i mean..i didn't expect this..and only put them in to signify

I'M OLD!!!

OK question of the day


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