Flowers for Pistol Pete

more then just a random act of kindness...a true act of kindness to pay it forward

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for when words just don't say enough Pete

and r u done with those goats yet?????


The singer of Deep Purple told me, after his show at 4th & B, that he was once asked to autograph a goat. Very strange.

Elvis autographed my right breast once...but i'd rather buy Petes goats Josh

thx for being kind homey


And in the end, the love you take Is equal to the love... You make

So true, isn't it, dear? :)

Nan: "Elvis autographed my right breast once"

Ok, spill it dolllll! Where's the blog on this? And your tryst with Tom Robbins, hhmmmm? :)

Tom???? Beach...let's just say i WAS in the book



autographed right breasts never tell...homey


now the time i took Judy Baca's woman away from her

therein lies a tale...hahahahahahahaha

I once autographed Pamela Anderson's right breast.......but my pen popped her implant and washed away my sig.

Oooooh, dang, Nan, tell the stories, girl!!! xxxxx

i hung out some with Tom Robbins Laguna the day

Trout....ur tender ears couldn't take it fisheroooooooooo...hahahahahahaha

Hah! You haven't heard my stories, nan!! I bet we would shock each other!!! xxxxxxxx :)

lawdy then order in the Italian food...tap the keg...invite all our friends over and call in sick to work with the blue flu for the week.....hahahahahahahahahahha!!!!!

do u think the goats would be happy eating Spagetti Alfredo for a week

we could make their milk into cheese

LOLOLOLOLOL Pike must know how to make goat cheese!!

Sounds like a great time, and the stories we would all tell!! But why order in Italian when there are so many good cooks among us?? Me disincluded from that remark, of course!

I know how to make delicious things out of goat cheese, at the very least.

nan: is TR a weird and fascinating genius? I care about his books about a thousand times more than I care about the guy who wrote them, but since it got brought up I MUST HAVE (quasi) CELEBRITY GOSSIP!


OK's the TR scoop from the day...his books (he'd only written one when i met him)were unbelievable and we got on well because we were both magical u can already tell I'm sure...he loved to laugh...cracked up easily in private..and run naked in the surf late at nite

there was nothing weird about him...but u have to mind preface that to begin with the times..Laguna Beach..drugs

he had the ability to make observation and mental notes of the interesting things about living...he felt free to follow Alice down the rabbit hole in a literary way...and he could take volumes of mental notes and information and pare it down over and over until he closed in on the final drafts without losing the heart of the matter...yeah he was a good kisser and a genius!!!!!

Ooooh nan, that calls for a whole entry, spill it, girl!!

that's as much as can be said cuddlefish....

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