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I like to make songs that make shivers go up and down peoples spinal cords.Was jonny B Russell ever a biker? the answer is yes his sisters boy friend Monte in the1977-1980 used to give jonny rides to MIDDLEschool on a sick ass Triumph chopper bike, and he rode on different Harley Davidsons, along with Dirt bikes in the city of Northglenn colorado, and the long dirt roads into town in KANSAS on dirt Bikes drinking jack Daniels and getting high all the time was the thing to do in jonnys past after joining the US NAVY WORLDS BIGGEST GANG HEentertianed sailors in olongapo city phillipines .His real pleasure resides in making music for


Now on itunes Released in 2007 RIDE TO LIVE Album hit cyber space and is doing well. jonny recieved several Audy awards for having two hit songs.jonny ended up in sandiego as a sailor on the uss Enterprise in 1987 and once again in1997 USS RUSHMORE until now. he resided on ensenada st. lemon grove and later moved to south east sandiego worst gettos for 6 years he lived there on 54th and dawsen apartment 19. Then after completly being harassed by you guessed it sandiego pd. SWAT raided his apartment on dec 23 2009 on Jonny b Russell B day they even brought a tank Jonny comments what ever happend to the police getting to know the families instead of kicking the door down and using exploding bean packs they where really after his next door nieghbor and it so happend keno the bambino of Roudy Dogg records had them two in my apartment and they blew up apartment 15 and we were in 19 drinking on my birthday T he police realized that they were in my apartment they hand cuffed us then too this young guy young gang banger named soilder and his girl friend and they took them off to jail they went.Jonny had to get out of there . So he did what he knows best move up to wine country and commute to sandiego every few days .Hes looking for a cool band to promote his music alblum Ride To Live. and will be playing in bars around the SD area in the near future. see why the Hells Angles like his Tune Ride To Live because it represents INDIVIDULIZATION of each person that loves hard rock and chopper bikes in their living rooms and people that want a GREAT TIME becomeing INDIVIDUALS TOO .jonny says just knock it off. and never listen to god or the devil and be your self in its most natrual state.YES Jonny B Russell wants his fans to realize that when you get ride of the god and devil on ones shoulders you then become sin free and all your sins fall off of your mind . Religion divides us all whether it be any religion or cult "BE YOUR SELF" Then realizing that being an INDIVIDUAL and being yourself is all that matters and that is why Jonny B Russell can say in his song qoute"It dosent matter to me no no no it dosnt matter at all yea yea yea so lets have a BALL." thats ROCK N ROLL ."jonny says to everyone that god and the devil don;t exist anymore for him. becuase he is a soverien ENTITY a person a business MAN. and he teaches others how to over come the PRIMAL thinking of others who believe god or the devil talk to them in thier own minds. but when you banish the god and devil out of your thinking olny productive things follow once you achieve that thats what jesus was talking about KINDOM OF GOD all the promises are man made so was the bible that you been decieved by the master cheaters for they unsurp millions of dollars on a daily basis using our money for thier own bogus jobs and its going on all over the world someday we will say no to these people but for now we must tolerate them for they are capable of mass muder if they dont get their way by using nukes they are so misirable that they will comite suicide and try to take everyone with them also so dont go around saying this stuff to any one or you may end up in jail or worse missing......Jonny B Russells music is a value and Jonny B Russell is branching out in all directions with GRAPHIC DESIGN and still keeping his music in focus.I Jonny B Russell is looking for a base player and a kick **** drummer all inquiries should be sent to [email protected] send email to JBR and the TROUBLED WAY ZONE BAND ..........thanks for reading this and listening to my music Jonny B Russell

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